Corned Beef and Cabbage (1842)

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   Today's NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has "All-American Irish Classic: corned beef and cabbage first paired up in N.Y."  It's at:

   OED doesn't have an entry for the combination, although there is an 1892 citation.
   I guess this BROOKLYN EAGLE thing is a bit handy...

   18 April 1842, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 2:
   ...found nothing on the table but corn beef and cabbage...

   15 December 1849, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN (Making of America-Cornell), pg. 97:
      _Corned Beef and Cabbage._
   The Edinburgh Review says that cabbage contains more muscle sustaining nutriment than any other vegetable whatever.  Boiled cabbage and corned beef make fifty-two as good dinners in twelve months as a man can eat.

   20 June 1850, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 3:
   ...with half cooked corned beef and cabbage, par-boiled potatoes, &c. ...

   December 1853, PETERSON'S MAGAZINE (American Periodical Series), pg. 267:
   And here I must digress a moment to ask if any of my readers likes corned beef and cabbage?

(Many other Making of America-Michigan Books 1850s citations--ed.)

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