Drink the Kool-Aid

Douglas Bigham TlhovwI at AOL.COM
Sat Mar 15 03:44:21 UTC 2003

Always negative?  I don't agree.  I can't find *proof*, but I can *recall*
using/hearing "drink the Kool Aid" without a negative meaning.  It's
synonymous with "just do it"  or "get it over with already".


Douglas S. Bigham
University of Texas - Austin

In a message dated 3/10/2003 6:48:34 PM Central Standard Time,
dave at WILTON.NET writes:

> The term is always negative and cynical, although it is true that it doesn't
> necessarily connote future disaster. It implies that the people who "drink"
> are mindlessly following the leader. Right or wrong, that's not a positive
> image. Clark is not displaying a high degree of respect for the
> stockholders
> here.

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