"Make Beautiful Music Together"

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Mon Mar 17 13:44:11 UTC 2003

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fred.shapiro at YALE.EDU writes:

> Can anyone help me determine whether the phrase "make beautiful music
> together" was popularized by the 1940 song, "We Could Make Such Beautiful
> Music Together," or whether it predated the song?

Probably not useful, but a science fiction short story by WIlliam Tenn (I
think that's a pseudonym) entitled "Alexander the Bait" refers to a string of
airborne gliders as an "accordion".  Why?  The answer goes something like
this: "if we hit an airpocket, we make beautiful music".  (quoted from
memory.  the story was written after World War II and sometime before circa
1960.  I think I have a copy in my attic, if you really want me to look it

The phrase "straighten up and fly right" sounds like aviator jargon, or much
more likely a layman's idea of what aviator jargon should be.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

               - Jim Landau

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