"Shock and Awe"

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Sun Mar 23 13:53:37 UTC 2003

> This suggests that the term may have been in use soon after
> the Gulf War and that Ullman and Wade may not have been the
> coiners.  Of course, Horner could have been retroactively
> applying a 1996 term in recalling an earlier speech that
> did not in fact use the term.

Horner has a secondary authorship credit for the Ullman and Wade book. He
would have been involved, to some degree, in the drafting and editing. In
Sep 96 he would have been well aware of the upcoming book and the use of the
phrase "shock and awe" in it.

The basic idea of "shock and awe" is not new. Clausewitz talked about it
(without using the exact phrase, of course). This looks like a retroactive
use of the phrase, not evidence that it was in use during the Gulf War.

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