"Shock and Awe"

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIO.EDU
Sun Mar 23 18:36:53 UTC 2003

Most outrageous indeed.  Another term that should be nominated in some
category or other is "embedded," especially by us linguist types.  And just
today I heard that there are some independent journalists (unembedded, or
not embeds) in Iraq, but I've forgotten the term for them--isolates?

At 07:00 PM 3/22/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>"Shock and awe" seems likely to be the ADS "Most Outrageous" term for this
>year.  Barry Popik said it was used in the first Gulf War, but searches on
>Nexis, ProQuest/Westlaw, Google Groups and JSTOR turn up nothing before
>Harlan K. Ullman & James P. Wade's 1996 book, Shock and Awe - Achieving
>Rapid Dominance.  Does anyone have evidence of any pre-1996 usage?
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