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Chin, Richard rchin at PIONEERPRESS.COM
Tue Mar 25 16:10:22 UTC 2003

I'm a reporter with the St. Paul Pioneer Press in Minnesota and I'm doing a
story about the language of war: the words and phrases that are being coined
to describe this war and how they compare to past wars. Some examples I'm
thinking of include shock and awe, liberation, decapitation strike,
coalition, regime change, appeasement, embedded, weapons of mass destruction
and human shield.

I'd also like to touch on the origin of other words and phrases that I think
date back to other wars such as no man's land and shell shock (World War
I?), Dear John letter and terror bombing (World War II?), demilitarized zone
and brainwashing (Korean War?), body count, winning hearts and minds, light
at the end of the tunnel (Vietnam?) and the mother of all wars (Gulf War I).

I'd be interested in talking to anyone on this list who might have some
observations about these words. Can you give me a call at 651-228-5560 or
e-mail me a number where I can reach you? Thanks.

Richard Chin
St. Paul Pioneer Press

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