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Mon Mar 31 17:31:00 UTC 2003

   Coined yesterday,  Because it was in the NEW YORK TIMES, there are already
13 Google hits for it.

   30 March 2003, NEW YORK TIMES,  Week-in-Review section, pg. 13,  col. 5:
_New York's Incumbocrat Governor_
By George J. Marlin
   George Pataki is not a Conservative.  He isn't even a Republican.  He's
not a Democrat or an Independent or a Right-to-Lifer or a Green.  He is in
fact a member in good standing of Albany's dominant political party.  He's an
"incumbocrat":  a member of that long-ruling coterie that uses fiscal sleight
of hand to convince the public that the budget is "responsibly" balanced--all
the while increasing spending, taxes and pork and pandering to special

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