New York (OED 1714); New England (OED 1638)

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Mon Mar 31 23:12:06 UTC 2003

   What does the OED revision have?  New York 1714?  New England 1638?  Will there be any dates/entries for "New Amsterdam" and "New Netherlands"?
   This is really for OED, but someone on the list can respond.  I'd like to write something for the New-York Historical Society, and I'd like to see these entries.
   New York City is turning 350, so something closer to 1653 is more like it.
   Here's a check of EARLY ENGLISH BOOKS ONLINE:

New Amsterdam--no hits

New Netherland--William Castell A SHORT DISCOVERIE (1644)

New York--Thomas Sprat COPIES OF THE INFORMATION (1685)

New England--Peter Heylyn A LITTLE DESCRIPTION OF THE GREAT WORLD (1625); William Alexander, Earl of Stirling THE MAPP AND DESCRIPTION OF NEVV-ENGLAND (1630)
(See also "'New England' Defined" at

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