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mark worden mworden at WIZZARDS.NET
Mon Mar 31 23:28:30 UTC 2003

Please disregard and destroy the post, "red line via OED" wherein the author
of that post quoted copyrighted material, without permission.

The author of that post pleads guilty by reason of enthusiasm, having just
received & installed a copy of the OED2 v3 on CD (upgrade), and was eager to
share the information. My bad, as the patois goes.

I encourage you all to get your own (upgraded) copy of the OED on CD v3,
which appears to be heck of a lot better than the previous upgrade, which I
returned because it was copyprotected and had a lousy ( 1. a. Full of lice,
infested by lice.1377 Langl. P. Pl. B. v. 195 With a [oooops, my  bad]

The new version is a vast improvement, still copyprotected, but can be
loaded to the harddrive and does not require the CD to be available for
authentication on every use (instead, every 90 days).

Heck, by way of paraphrase also means lower part of a door, and authenticate
means, among other things, to establish the validity of, which we all knew

Quark out, generally lawabiding, except for those m&m mp3s . . . but I was
just testing the software
Lower Umpqua Addictive Conundrum Institute

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