Antedating of "Yellow Journalism" (by a few days)

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Ancestry has an marginally, but more interesting,  earlier date.  March 2,
1897.  Page ?, col. 1, from the Boise City(ID) Statesman:

<The New York Mail and Express gives a list of head lines in a copy of a
contemporary, there being 16 relating to tragedies of one kind or another.
Continuing it makes this timely comment upon the modern school of
sensational journalism:  "These sanguinary head lines are broken by the
two-column picture of a fiend arrested for the murder of his wife at
Norwalk, Conn.  By some accident, a single item of news containing no
homicide was found on the first page, crowded, howerer, into an
unconspicuous corner.  And this is the kid of literary pabulum which the
reeking presses of yellow journalism are striving to force into the homes of
our citizens!">

Can you say "FOX NEWS?"

Sounds like the <New York Mail and Express> would be the paper to search for
the origin of this term.

Sorry for the poitical comment.  Everything old is new again.

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> yellow journalism (OED 1898)
> 1897 _L.A. Times_ 11 Mar. 6  [Florida Times Union:]  This coutnry during
> recent months, because of the efforts of two rival millionaire
> newspaper-owners in New York, working in the same field, to get the better
> of ecah other, has had the great exhibition of reckless, sensational
> journalism the world has yet seen.  They call theirs the "new journalism,"
> while by their contemporaries it is generally styled the "yellow
> journalism."
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