Followship, Followership (not Leadership)

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FOLLOWERSHIP--15,300 Google hits, 1,440 Google Groups hits
Kerry used "followship," not "followership."
Bush Endorses Creation of Intelligence Czar, Africa - 16 hours ago
... 'We need leadership, not followship,'' Kerry said. ''Much more needs to 
be done. What seems to be lacking is a real sense of urgency.''. ... 
San Diego Union Tribune Kerry hammers prez on terror: It’s your fault
Boston Herald, MA - 22 hours ago
... Department, part of his bus tour across the country, Kerry echoed his 
criticisms. ``We need leadership, not followship,'' he said. 

Kerry-Edwards Online Forum > Bush is Responsible--not Rumsfeld
... I'd like to hear from Kerry: ****
Statement Of ... Failure Of Leadership, Not Of Followership" May 6 ... - 13k - Cached - 
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