Chowderhead (1793)

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The Readex "Early American Newspapers" database is being released in parts. It hasn't helped much so far, but here's a "chowderhead" for you.

    A blockhead; a muddle-headed person.

  1833 J. NEAL Down-Easters I. 119 That's our Amos! if taint I'm a chowderhead. 1838 in Amer. Speech (1964) XXXIX. 263 A few sculpins and haddock were all that could be persuaded to make chowderheads of themselves. 1932 F. SCOTT FITZGERALD Let. 2 Aug. (1964) 498, I do not destinate to signify that you were a wiseacre, witling, dizzard, chowderhead. 1967 R. J. SERLING President's Plane is Missing (1968) iv. 62 The stupid chowderheads would cut Shakespeare.

Headline: Miscellany. From the Western Star. He sells Cheap!
Paper: Massachusetts Spy: Or, the Worcester Gazette
Date: 1793-08-08
Iss. 1062
Page: 1.


_From the WESTERN STAR._

THIS saying sets the world a gadding--girls and boys, old women and all for the _New Store_--_Timothy Chowderhead_, who is too lazy to _hoe_ corn, goes to Newyork, and gets a hogshead of rum, a few fans, gauzes, buttons, &c. &c. on a credit for six months--_Tim._ is now coaxing his cousins, and every idle dunce, to purchase--when any person who wears half a head, might know they won't pay for them in six years--_but he sells cheap_.
Berkshire, July 12, 1793.

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