Lipstick on a pig (or frog or donkey) (1985)

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6 August 2004, DAILY NEWS (NY), editorials, pg. 46, col. 1:
As in so many cases, the lesson here is that no matter (how?--ed.) much
lipstick you put on a pig, you've still got a pig.

LIPSTICK ON A PIG--3,350 Google hits, 1,038 Google Groups hits
LIPSTICK ON A FROG--56 Google hits, 17 Google Groups hits
LIPSTICK ON A DONKEY--12 Google hits, 8 Google Groups hits

Pig, the most popular animal in this proverb, is just the one I hadn't

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Item #3189 (27 Nov 1999 20:06) - Christopher Morley's KITTY FOYLE (1939)
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"You don't want to dance with a donkey just because they put lipstick on

I've also heard "lipstick on a frog" as something unattractive made

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