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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Aug 7 20:43:32 UTC 2004

At 11:53 AM -0700 8/7/04, Ron Southerland wrote:
>--On 2004  August 7  14:36 -0400 "James A. Landau" <JJJRLandau at AOL.COM>
>| "CXO" which appeared in several articles in the July 26, 2004,
>| Computerworld.  In a signed article on the "OPINION" page, "Educate Your
>| CXOs" by Maryfran Johnson, the following appeared:
>| "...the role that all successful CIOs master---that of business
>| communicator, educator and guide for the so-called CXOs (that senior
>| business lineup of CEOs, CFO, COOs, CMOs and so forth)..."
>| "CIO" is "Chief Information Officer"
>| "CEO" is well-known
>| "CFO" is "Chief Financial Officer" and I don't know why that title is only
>| one in the list that is not plural
>| "COO" is "Chief Operating Officer"
>| I don't know what a CMO is.
>| "CXO" also appeared, without definition, in an article on pages 31-32.
>Looks like (from a peek at CXO is 'chief executive

But isn't CEO precisely 'chief executive officer'?   I guess 'chief
xerox officer' wouldn't be quite high enough in the hierarchy for
"CXO".  The variable analysis strikes me as the most plausible.

>and thus a hypernym for all the others in the list. CMO (from the
>same site) would appear to be 'chief marketing officer'. Who knew?
>Ron Southerland
>Gabriola Island

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