"Dipe" (1922) as a typo for "Dive"

Cohen, Gerald Leonard gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun Dec 12 20:03:10 UTC 2004

Ah yes! "Dive" is much more likely here than the otherwise unattested "Dipe."
There's at least one more typo in the article: "Crubber: one who always borrows cigarettes." Should be "Grubber" (with a G).  And the article does not have its items arranged alphabetically, giving the impression that they were printed hurriedly from someone's notes.

   I'm startled to see that the Google version, whose presenter claims to be the granddaughter of the 1922 flapper-author of the Flappers'-Dictionary, differs in at least several items from the 1922 article. Explanation for this discrepancy: ? -- The 1922 newspaper article is written by Edgar Allan Woods, clearly not a flapper, and makes no mention of the material being compiled by a specific flapper. The impression is that he wrote his article based on his own notes. Plagiarism?

Gerald Cohen

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> From:         American Dialect Society on behalf of Erik Hoover
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> Subject:           Re: "Dipe" in "Dipe-ducat" (subway ticket) in 1922 "Flappers'              Dictionary
> Google shows several instantiations of the 'flapper's dictionary' with the term as 'dive-ducat'
> Perhaps the Edwardsville Intelligencer introduced a typo?
> Erik

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