"Carnal Classifieds" Glossary (1982; Havana Good Time (1923)

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   I didn't find "shit happens" in SCREW magazine in 1982-1983.  This "carnal classifieds" glossary might be of interest.  It's probably earlier than 1982: SCREW began in 1968.
   SCREW might have suspended publication recently.  All the escort ads are now in the VILLAGE VOICE and NEW YORK PRESS, or in late-night ads on Manhattan Cable.  SCREW was "of its time," though.

   4 January 1982, SCREW, pg. 44, col. 1:
B/B...Body Builder/Building
B/D...Bondage and Discipline
Bestiality...Sex with Animals
B/F or B/M...Black Female or Male
C/B...(Involving the) Cock/Balls
C/P...Corporal Punishment
D/T...Dominance Training; Dirty Talk
English...Whipping (esp. with riding crop, quirt, taws, etc.)
F/F...Fist Fucking/Fucker
French...Orally stimulate the sexual organs
F/S...Face Sitting/Sitter
G/E...Golden Enema (administered with urine)
   (Not in Lighter or Green?--ed.)
G/M...Gay Male
Greek...Anal Worship/Penetration
G/S (Golden Shower)...Urinate (on partner)
G/T...Genital Torture
H/H...High Heels
H/T...Head Trip (mental scene)
Infibulate...Pierce: nipples, genitalia, etc.
   (OED has "infibulate" from 1623.  It's listed as "rare."  "Infibulation" is from 1650. Neither is for "pierce"--ed.)
J/O...Jerk Off (masturbate)
"m"...masochist (bottom person)
Neophyte or Novice...Beginner (inexperienced)
P/P...Photo/Phone; Pot/Poppers
Pros...Prostitute/Professional Models
Rim...French the Anal Area
Roman...Orgy Inclinations
R/S...Rough Stuff
"S"...Sadist (Top Person)
(Col. 2--ed.)
SASE...Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
Scat...Scatalogy (shit)
S/F...Suck/Fuck; Submissive Female
S&M...Sado/Masochistic Tendencies
T/T...Tit Torture; Toilet Training
VA...Verbal Abuse
W/E...Well Endowed
W/F or W/M...White Female or Male

   12 September 1983, SCREW, pg. 3:
   Win Cheap-Shit Prizes!

(Lighter and Green have "cheap shot," but no "cheap shit"?--ed.)

   26 September 1983, SCREW, pg. 16, col. 1:
   Before that Commie killjoy Fidel Castro took over the island,  Cuba was famed as a carnal Carib playground for well-heeled wastrels of the Western world (hence the origin of that oft-used postcard inscription "Havana wonderful time").  From posh pleasure palace3s to (Col. 2--ed.) the two-dollar trick-joints lining the light-less alleys of Crib Street, Cuba's capital was a seething sin town, with booze, cooze and casinos among the major attractions.  "If you can't find it in Havana," went the popular saying, "then you'll just have to look for it someplace else."  Truer words were rarely, if ever, spoken.

Indianapolis Star - 9/16/1923
...crimes today. -A young man likes to HAVANA GOOD TIME. The things which go to make up.....this GOOD" TIMEr (as he knows a GOOD' TIME) are beyond hie reach with the pay.....have had has without a cloudt done more GOOD than harm and we fully guarantee every.....In fact, if thing, it Is-getting worse. The TIME has come 'when in many cases they shoot..
Indianapolis, Indiana   Sunday, September 16, 1923  780 k

Keystone Courier - 3/5/1880
...married ladiee. HUMOROUS. Hrant's HAVANA GOOD.TIME. When a soldier is ill he becomes a.....vilh kerosene and applfing IP tbe hill. A GOOD dairy cow, during ten jfsrs of will.....the opinion that they don't pay. Now is the TIME to think about how the garden can be.....of his broth. Nit really necemary to spoil GOOD brandy by putting poor mince pies into..
Connellsville, Pennsylvania   Friday, March 05, 1880  579 k

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