Apple Pie and Cheese (1873)

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Decatur Republican - 2/18/1886
...Dlpfo, liavpo, depot, or Courier. APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. The Good Use Little Jake AND threw out behind him some APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. The ground was comparatively.....t suppose we shall have a thing but APPLE PIE AND CHEESE If he gets it." But she was.....was much that was good to eat but APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. If he had been left to..
Decatur, Illinois   Thursday, February 18, 1886  1007 k

Indiana Weekly Messenger - 4/21/1886
...t suppose we shall 'have a thing but APPLE PIE AND CHEESE if he gets it. But she was.....township, or county. perton, wltb this book, can lecome a succeasfutAatnt. For AND threw out jehind him some APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. The ground was comparatively.....was ninch that was good to eat but APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. H he had been left to himself..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Wednesday, April 21, 1886  875 k

Daily Advocate - 12/30/1892 Or bate my soul's devotion To APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. AND CHEESE No alien i', sir.....disease MATHERS, ___ JlathervUle, Miss. Our book oa Blood AND Skin Diseases mailed free.....I can't understAND a word of Life. APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. Your "avored creams ana ices.....come to feeze, The best of all Is APPLE PIE AND CHEESE Field. The men's furnishers..
Newark, Ohio   Friday, December 30, 1892  697 k

Freeborn County Standard - 11/14/1894
...Or bate my soul's devotion To APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. The PIE my Julia makes me.....0. DAY, Publisher. ALtERT LEA, MINN. APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. Full irmny a xlnful notion.....please, I'll take another plateful Of APPLE PIE AND AND CHEESE Xo alien It, sir, That's.....Dyspeptic come to feaze, Tho best of all la APPLE pic AND CHEESE Though ribalds moy decry..
Albert Lea, Minnesota   Wednesday, November 14, 1894  761 k

Adams Sentinel - 4/1/1850
...then settling cm the window .sill APPLE PIE, pumpkin PIE AND CHEESE; cold in Lowell "Breakfast cream AND mince PIE; there were fresh biscuit AND other ct.....w-antinjr. Second course, hot pancakes AND CHEESE. Supper -hot cakes, as. light AND fair.....air. AND in tin h'.-i.'d. breathe devj) AND i'ull to Tinl tuin if the AND of it. So..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania   Monday, April 01, 1850  913 k

Daily Advocate - 7/24/1893
...with a last contemptuous sniff AND an APPLE-PIE AND-CHEESE look in his eye he made a bee.....Texas Siftings. Homey amp; Edmiston's Book Store. Is the place to get your Look at that CHEESE f Where is the APPLE PIE a rod in diameter, built of for your money. Homey amp; Edmiston's Book Store No. 9 North Third Street. The..
Newark, Ohio   Monday, July 24, 1893  717 k

Elyria Republican - 9/6/1883
...little impression on the eatables. Oh APPLE PIE, mince PIE AND CHEESE; Oh ram, lamb.....where the republicans of Kansas, AND Iowa, AND Indiana AND Maine, AND most of.....Afternoon, Sept. 7th. Pass the news along, AND come AND hear him. MAKE your preparations.....character is perfect, hia recorditelear, AND his ability large. He is the cleanest AND..
Elyria, Ohio   Thursday, September 06, 1883  713 k

Landmark - 11/27/1890
...with vinegar AND popper, doughnuts, APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. A Charlotte Russo made. out.....With mock solemnity he opened his pookot-book ami presented a crisp now bill. sure.....cold bread, hot johnny cuke, doughnuts, PIE, cookies, CHEESE AND coffee." AND for j.....fairy. The of Clovernook Fnrra was a flcsh-AND blood, helpful sprity call AND sugar, AND..
Statesville, North Carolina   Thursday, November 27, 1890  852 k

Daily Review - 12/28/1892
...appease Or bato my soul's devotion To APPLE PIE AND CHEESE. AND CHEESE No alien it, sir.....a wonder. St. Louis Republic. APPLE Pic ami CHEESE. Your Savored creams aod'ices AND your.....Dyeptpticscoroe to feaxo, The of all to PIE AND ctecso SISTER ELEANOR. Her face hu.....Flo Miller, Mrs. Bender AND Misses Sadie AND Gladys Findler. itlucuu H. A. Kltch AND..
Decatur, Illinois   Wednesday, December 28, 1892  714 k

Idaho Tri Weekly Statesman - 7/17/1873
...dairy, honse -AND everything, in APPLE-PIE AND CHEESE, AND rising cattle. There is.....on tick, you can't fail of paying ont AND making big fuoney A -OOOD ox. cow o ainl.....American or importea, in of its sales AND its icputation restorative. FoTjflSso'f..
Boise, Idaho   Thursday, July 17, 1873  630 k

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