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   "Apple pie and ice cream" is "pie a la mode."  But "apple pie and cheese" seems to be just that, and has slipped through the radar.  Is it an old New England dish?
   While in Ghana (!), one dessert we had was apple pie with ice cream, and one of the oldsters mentioned apple pie and cheese.
   It's also "apple pie and cheddar."

   April 1915, SPY (International Apple Shippers' Association), Vol. V, No. 3, pg. 10:
_Apple Pie and Cheese_
By Eugene Field
O tempora!  O mores!
   What profanations these
That seek to dim the glories
   Of apple-pie and cheese!
Pg. 11:
I'm glad I've got three willing boys
   To hang around and tease
Their mother for the filling joys
   Of apple-pie and cheese.
No flippant, sugared notion
   Shall my appetite appease,
Or bate my soul'd devotion
   To apple-pie and cheese!
Pg. 12:
And these feelings are so grateful,
   Says I, "Julia, if you please,
I'll take another plateful
   Of that applie-pie and cheese!"
No matter what conditions
   Dyspeptic come to feaze,
Pg. 13:
The best of all physicians
   Is apple-pie and cheese!
Pg. 14:
But I, when I undress me
   Each night, upon my knees
Will ask the Lord to bless me
   With apple-pie and cheese!

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Apple pie and cheddar - [ Translate this page ]
Apple pie et cheddar (USA). Préparation : 2 h mn, Cuisson : mn, Réfrigération
: h, Calories : Pour 6 personnes Ingrédients : 12 Pommes 250 g sucre brun 1 cuil. ...
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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away - www.ezboard.com
... Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Dond ... you forgot the Yankee tradition
of apple pie and cheddar! I just made my first apple pie ...
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Spirited symphony
... They're more like apple pie and cheddar cheese - two great tasting things that can
taste great together, but only if you're partial to cheese and apples all ...
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Nation's Restaurant News: Wheel of fortune: Cheese makes rounds on ...
... Also in New York, Jennifer Handler, chef-owner at Clove restaurant, is playing
on another classic combination, apple pie and cheddar cheese. ...
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The Big E - The Avenue of States
... you looking sharp in all seasons, breathe in the fragrances of candles and coffee
beans or tempt your tastebuds with fresh apple pie and cheddar cheese - two ...
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iChef.com Free Recipes - Cooking.Com
... Aged Gouda with Apple Galette Apple pie and Cheddar cheese have a
long association. Here''sa twist on that theme - a rustic apple ...
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Boston.com / A&E / Dining/Food
RECIPES & ARCHIVES. Pears, blue cheese, and hazelnuts on puff pastry. Apple pie and
Cheddar make a classic pair, so why not pears and blue cheese on puff pastry? ...
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Re: Apple pie and Cheddar
Michael McCollum wrote in message ... Up north, "Yankee" means "someone
who puts cheddar cheese on his apple pie". Oh dear... does ...
rec.org.sca - Jun 8, 2001 by Michael McCollum - View Thread (5 articles)

Re: Apple Pie & Cheddar - Strange?
... I have an old Cornish lady next door and she has given me some lovely
old Cornish recipes, but never apple pie and cheddar! Regards Eve
rec.food.baking - Oct 23, 1999 by EandG - View Thread (16 articles)

Re: Cheese and apples
My Mom, who grew up in Tupper Lake and Buffalo, NY, fixed us Apple pie and
Cheddar Cheese. Yum. So I think it is a custom widespread in upstate NY. ...
rec.food.historic - Jun 19, 1997 by Gwyneth Crowley - View Thread (8 articles)

Re: Heids and coneys
... How about apple pie and cheddar cheese? Not exclusive, but it is both
apple and cheddar cheese country and they do serve it that way. ...
ne.food - Jul 24, 1997 by Barry Shein - View Thread (7 articles)

Re: OT West Wing
... BLEEEEARGH! A-1 on ice cream? Not even close. Obviously someone who has never
tried apple pie and cheddar...but it has to be REALLY REALLY SHARP cheddar. ...
alt.tv.law-and-order - Oct 30, 2001 by mk4u - View Thread (114 articles)

Re: [I] Yorkshire Origins? was .. (Clueless Merkins)
... Anyway, the apple pie and cheddar combination is a generic New England tradition,
not just my family. Possibly a lot of Yorkshiremen settled here. ...
alt.fan.pratchett - Dec 15, 1998 by Richard Eney - View Thread (13 articles)

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Log Cabin Chronicles Greg Duncan's Blue Ribbon Apple Pie column
... But I, when I undress me Each night, upon my knees Will ask the Lord to bless
me With apple-pie and cheese." Eugene Field, Apple-Pie and Cheese. ...
www.tomifobia.com/duncan/apple_pie.shtml - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

Index - Pie Recipe Archives
... But I, when I undress me Each night upon my knees Will ask the Lord to bless
me, With apple pie and cheese." - Eugene Field, "Apple Pie and Cheese". ...
labellecuisine.com/ Archives/index__pie_recipe_archives.htm - 54k - Cached - Similar pages

Colonial Times Apple-Cranberry Pie with Cornmeal Crust
... But I, when I undress me, Each night upon my knees Will ask the Lord to bless
me, With apple pie and cheese." - Eugene Field, "Apple Pie and Cheese". ...
labellecuisine.com/Archives/pie/ colonial_times_apple.htm - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

Let Them Eat Cheese
... Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970) "But when I undress me/ Each night upon my knees/
Will ask the Lord to bless me/ With apple pie and cheese!" – Apple Pie and ...
www.dairymax.com/CheeseForDessert.htm - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

Fruit From Washington - Cheese and Fruit Recipes
... But when I undress me Each night upon my knees Will ask the Lord to bless
me with apple pie and cheese!” - Eugene Field, Apple Pie and Cheese. ...
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Re: Apple pie and cheese (was Re: The term <yank>)
... Alban I'm well aware that many contemporary people like the combination
of apple pie and cheese. My lord husband is one of them. ...
rec.org.sca - Jun 5, 2001 by Robin Carroll-Mann - View Thread (16 articles)

Re: Good Apple Pie, was: Apple Pie and Cheese
Charles Quinn wrote: I used to read cookbooks even as a 10-year-old
and thought this was "icky" (read about it in Betty Crocker etc). ...
la.eats - Oct 27, 1998 by xstitchcrazy - View Thread (1 article)

Re: What a Friend We Have In Cheeses
Yes, and my apologies to Eugene Fields, that fourth line should read "With apple
pie and cheese." I must proof my work, for it usually makes no sense. ...
rec.food.cooking - Sep 16, 1995 by Anne Bourget - View Thread (6 articles)

Re: Looked for this one for a long time
... pie! "Twin Peaks" 1990 But I, when I undress me Each night upon my
knees Will ask the Lord to bless me, With apple pie and cheese. ...
alt.quotations - Nov 19, 2002 by Grace McGarvie - View Thread (9 articles)

Re: Apple Pie and Cheese
I've never had any cheese _but_ cheddar on pie before (though I suppose
Jack might be good, I'll have to try it sometime). Back ...
la.eats - Oct 30, 1998 by Lothie - View Thread (6 articles)

Re: Baked Apple Slices
That's something many of us should already know. Apple pie and cheese
are old friends in my house. My Betty Crocker Cookbook says ...
rec.food.cooking - Oct 14, 1999 by Nancy C Welker - View Thread (2 articles)

Forest and Stream; A Journal of Outdoor Life, Travel, Nature Study, Shooting, Fishing, Yachting (1873-1930). New York: Oct 13, 1892. Vol. VOL. XXXIX., Iss. No. 15; p. 310 (2 pages):
Pg. 310:  Sweet corned beef, mealy potatoes and a squash, and apple pie and cheese were most grateful to the appetite, sharpened by my tramp in the cool air.

Arthur Penn. The Bookman; a Review of Books and Life (1895-1933). New York: Jan 1902. Vol. 14, Iss. 5; p. 474 (5 pages)

The Bookman; a Review of Books and Life (1895-1933). New York: Jun 1909. Vol. 29, Iss. 4; p. 365 (2 pages)

  Mike Irwin Backs Down.
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Jun 27, 1891. p. 7 (1 page):
   Three distinguished citizens were sitting in Pete Steil's yesterday afternoon eating apple pie and cheese.

 WHY PRINCETON DID NOT ASK BILLY SUNDAY.; A Statement in Defense of the Inhospitable Attitude of the University Authorities Toward That Evangelist.
By ANDREW F. WEST, Dean of the Graduate School of Princeton University.ANDREW F. WEST.. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Apr 8, 1915. p. 12 (1 page):
   Mary was one of those sort of uneeda biscuit, peanut butter, gelatin and pimento sort of women.
   Martha was a beefsteak, baked potato, apple sauce with lemon and nutmeg, coffee and whipped cream, apple pie and cheese sort of women.

   Like Apple Pie and Cheese
Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: May 3, 1958. p. 21 (1 page)

Osgood's Predicament, by E. D. B. Stoddard: pp. 52-61
p. 54 1 match of 'apple pie and cheese'
  in: Title: Harper's new monthly magazine. / Volume 27, Issue 157
Publisher: Harper & Bros. Publication Date: June, 1863
   It consisted of stewed beans, boiled beef, apple-pie, and cheese.

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