International Man of Mystery (1934)

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   What's the deal with "international man of mystery"?  Is there a national
man of mystery?  Is there an international woman of mystery?  Do you have to
travel a lot and read a lot of Poe?  Maybe I qualify?
   Certain, Mike Myers popularized "international man of mystery" with his
three AUSTIN POWERS movies.  But this article uses the term with a straight
That's why ricin once enjoyed a certain cachet among international men of
mystery. Every spywatcher knows about Bulgarian defector Georgi Markov, who was
assassinated in London in 1978 in a ploy that James Bond or Austin Powers would
appreciate: a shadowy stalker jabbed Markov in the leg with an umbrella
rigged to inject a pellet of ricin under his skin (the killer was never found, but
the KGB and the Bulgarian secret service were prime suspects).

   The following articles probably hit it on the head.

Ironwood Daily Globe - 9/11/1934
...You have been called the INTERNATIONAL "MAN OF MYSTERY" for years.
Reputed'y one OF.....He is an economic scholar OF we'1-deserved INTERNATIONAL repute.
More thin that, he.....The cruJ cr politics will say the rame MAN was the
author also OF the prediction.....precious little patriotism concerned in the
INTERNATIONAL shindigs that made a shambles..
Ironwood, Michigan Tuesday, September 11, 1934  804 k

Salamanca Republican Press - 5/19/1936
Prices for This.....the Newberry award for the best juvenile book OF the year,
"Caddie Woodlawn." Miss.....has been assistant superintendent and road MAN, will
act as foreMAN OF the receiving.....brought with her an autographed copy OF
the book, which she has placed on display in the..
Salamanca, New York   Tuesday, May 19, 1936  608 k

Sheboygan Press - 2/21/1939
...The Ont., attorney and "INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY" who renounced
one-third OF.....the evt nlng, that la formally, Mr. Lebet MAN made adequate reply
to s who preceded him.....Trio. WENR. V. M. Virginia Grant, WHBL, MAN on
Street, WBBM. Frolics Before 6, WMAQ.....and as she opened her car door a young MAN
stepped up with a revolver. He got in the..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Tuesday, February 21, 1939  794 k

Mansfield News Journal - 7/13/1951
...night clerk at a YMCA than an INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. He is Alfred
Kohlberg. 64year.....influence OF opinion, KoMberg is a busy one-MAN crusade.
He makes at least one speech a.....OF the state Health department. Because OF
reports OF large numbers OF insects and OF.....consent OF both the board OF
directors OF the YM and the executive board OF the..
Mansfield, Ohio Friday, July 13, 1951  643 k

Ironwood Daily Globe - 8/18/1955
...STORY: A treasure cruise, an INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY and a pretty
girl already make.....On those three days teachers will be in the book room on
the first floor to issue.....or even known OF, only one complete master OF the
difficult art OF knife-throwing. TO.....and the electives indicated at the time
OF registration last May. On the first day OF..
Ironwood, Michigan Thursday, August 18, 1955  654 k

Ironwood Daily Globe - 8/22/1955
...been retained by Viego Sana, INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. All they know
so far is the starlit dark, we became aware OF a MAN walking away
from us through the deep.....Fatal Beating SUNLAND, Calif, A 91-yearold MAN was
in jail today on suspicion OF murder.....last. So. hot and humid that a
Hampton MAN, -who'd been fishing in Mills Creek..
Ironwood, Michigan Monday, August 22, 1955  603 k

Ironwood Daily Globe - 8/31/1955
...THE STORT: Viggo Sand, INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, is sailing to Haiti
to.....a sequin evening bag and retired with a book. Short ol slugging us, a
method which I.....OF this world today spurred pursuers OF a MAN wanted in
connection with the rifle.....Beth and 'I are doing here. We are a couple
INTERNATIONAL bums. In a modest way I suppose..
Ironwood, Michigan Wednesday, August 31, 1955  796 k

Bridgeport Post - 9/20/1955
...colorful financial figure and INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, v.-as found
strangled in his.....risks, however great they may be In the book, are less for
Abe RibicOFf than OF the estate with the slain MAN's
mother. Mrs. Stella Rubinstein. said.....REWARD done for Congress j jtf RUBENSTEIN
MYSTERY __ CFL convention, the Governor to go..
Bridgeport, Connecticut Tuesday, September 20, 1955  699 k

Lethbridge Herald - 9/21/1955
...colorful financial figure end INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, was found
strangled in Invest. Funds Resources OF Can. ;omm. INTERNATIONAL
Average OF Canada Grouped.....K. 6.35 Gods Lake .67 Goldcrest ,18 Golden MAN. 3.60
Goldfields .56 Graham. Bonsquet Ihe area to take up positions
alons: the INTERNATIONAL border as a means OF Hockin? an..
Lethbridge, Alberta Wednesday, September 21, 1955  798 k

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