Go Figure (1964); Glatt Kosher (1965); Kosher Salt (1947); Mavin (1950)

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   Greetings from the Jewish Theological Seminary Library, at Broadway and West 122 Street.  I haven't been here in many years; the NYPL Jewish Division is usually sufficient.  But the NYPL is closed Mondays.
   Still haven't found a Jewish American Princess, but I'm still looking.

JFK--Don't forget our airport here, called JFK.  Surprisingly, there isn't any popular slang on that.

RIVIERA SALAD--The header should have been 1961, not 1968.


   August 1964, JEWISH DIGEST, pg. 74:
  A very Orthodox rabbi in the East New York section of Brooklyn has a "Passover apartment" which he maintains all year round for Passover use only.  On the eve of Passover, the rabbi closes his regular home and moves into the Passover apartment where no bread is ever allowed.
   (Two more stories like this--ed.)


   I had posted November 1950.  The same HEINZ OVEN-BAKED BEANS ad is in JEWISH LIFE, September-October 1950, back cover pg. 106:
   A "Meichel" for a "Mevin."


   See ADS-L archives.  I had posted 1950 from the NEW YORK TIMES.

   October 1947, JEWISH LIFE, pg. 102:
(U is not in OED??--ed.)
(...)  Consumers are advised to look for the Hechsher or (U) seal of Kashruth approval on the labels of food products.
   Pg. 103, col. 2:
   (U) Certified Kosher Coarse Salt
   Chippewa Kosher Salt
   Diamond Crystal Salt


   How can you search for these things electronically when you don't know all the spellings?  Add this one.

   June 1969, JEWISH LIFE, "THE GASTRIC JEWS: A story about a campus in Iowa," pg. 15, col. 1:
   Dr. and Mrs. (also Dr.) Lohman (Classics and Romantic Literature) purred when they saw the blintzes and the nut-and-raisin filled _rogelach_ Ruth served with the coffee.
   (Pg. 31, col. 2--ed.)
   She sat down and wept.  "And being Jewish doesn't mean having a taste for bagels and lox!"


   Of course, JEWISH LIFE volumes for the years 1962, 1963, 1964, and part of 1965 are not on the shelf here.  Of course.  That would be too easy.

   November-December 1965, JEWISH LIFE, pg. 56 ad:
Only GLATT MEATS served in the WALDMAN Manner

   January-February 1966, JEWISH LIFE, pg. 28, col. 2:
   The kosher pizza shop of "Noah Zark" is where the knitted yarmulkas and the girls who knitted them congregate,...
   (Pg. 29, col. 1--ed.)
   Between them are, ironically, a Shomer Shabboth supermarket, a Shomer Shabboth bakery, and a glatt kosher take-home-complete-meal store.  Years ago such luxuries were unknown on the East Side.  Shopping had to be done from pushcarts.  Kosher baking, cooking, and eating were home activities then.  Today, next door to the Forward is a glatt kosher restaurant.

   March-April 1967, JEWISH LIFE, pg. 72, col. 2 ad:
Schechter & Hirsch's
Strickly Kosher Meals Only Glatt
Not Gebruckte Food & Shmura Matzo

(Back to looking for a princess--ed.)

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