fying pan, fry pan, skillet.....

Dan Goodman dsgood at VISI.COM
Sun Feb 15 06:05:47 UTC 2004

Beverly Flanigan wrote:
> Since Methodists come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, I don't get the
> ethnic link.

It lowers the odds  that they're German, Scandinavian, Irish, or Eastern

What more likely matters is the regional origin of the
> members of this particular congregation.  I suspect they're one or two
> generations out of the South and South Midland, if DARE and our list
> contributors are on track.

My guess would be three or four generations out of North Midland, or
longer ago from New England or Upstate New York.

BTW, I remember this area in Minneapolis, and
> this church may be largely black.  Is that the link you're driving at?

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist  is mostly white, I believe.

By the way, this area has been changing; moving upscale.

>>Today, at Steeple People Thrift Store (Lyndale Avenue South and Franklin
>>Avenue, Minneapolis),  I looked to see what they labelled these things as.
>>"Fry pan"  one.
>>"Skillet" three, in two different handwritings.
>>Blank one.
>>Steeple People is operated by a Methodist church, which provides a clue
>>to the probable ethnic origins of the volunteers.   I have no idea how
>>much that matters.
>>Dan Goodman
>>Journal or
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