antedating of "sissy" 1879--Note: (Yankee) Dood(le)

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun Feb 15 22:12:36 UTC 2004

At 12:54 PM -0500 2/15/04, Sam Clements wrote:
>5 April, 1879  _Burlington(IA) Weekly Hawkeye 6/4
>(Reprinted from the Boston Herald)
>Titled:Concord Reminiscences/About Thoreau, Hawthorne and Emerson.
><<Julian Hawthorne( note-Nathaniel's son-ed.) came home from Italy
>when a very small boy.  He wore long curls, and the Concord boys
>plagued him in the usual tough way of boys.  They called him "Sissy"
>and "Yankee Doodle," and finally they ridiculed the poor lad till he
>petitioned for a barber to cut off his locks.>>

Note significantly "Dood" in "Yankee Doodle" here--i.e., the origin
of the 19th century term "dude." (Barry Popik and I have done a lot
of work on this term).

Gerald Cohen

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