Antedating? of "monkey's uncle" 1923

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Mon Feb 16 02:08:12 UTC 2004

HDAS as 1926.  M-W and OED don't list it(unless I missed)  I couldn't find it in ADS archives.

The reason I wanted to find an earlier cite is to prove absolutely that the phrase didn't originate during the Scopes Trial(1925).

Using newspaperarchive, 

8 Feb. 1923 _Elyria(OH) Chronicle Telegram  Page obscured, col. 3-4.  Text under picture of Ms. Cheeseborough:

<<When is a joke not a joke?  Two answers are forthcoming.  One from  coquettish Edith Russell Cheseborough, Boston society girl--"Frame it," she told her Harvard admirer, William L. Lawrence, referring to the marriage license he had obtained.  "The nuptial idea is a joke." she told Lawrence.  But Lawrence can't see it.  "If that's a joke I'm a monkey's uncle.">>


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