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   A trip here in Panama City to the local supermarket didn't turn up anything new; certainly nothing that you wouldn't see in New York.  The huge supermarket here is REY.  Go to
   The Burger King and McDonald's restaurants are pretty much the same.   One local hamburger stand sells a "tropic burger"..."Hot dogs" are sold all over here.  I'll have to ask why they're called that.
   The internet is cheap here in Panama.  Did I see this is 50 cents an hour?

por Rosita Cordoba
160 pages, paperback
November 2002

   This appears to be self-published.  It's just all recipes.  Some drawings, but no photos.  Let me know if anyone wants it at $5.  (They use US currency here.)

Distribuidora Lewis, S. A.
Printed in Spain
110 pages, hardcover
no date (1984?, from ISBN--ed.)

   Nice color photos.  Again, just recipes and no history at all.

Pg. 14:  Rice with raisins
Pg. 15:  Rice with shrimp
Pg. 16:  Rice with chicken
Pg. 17:  Congo peas and coconut rice
Pg. 18:  Rice with baby clams
Pg. 19:  Rice with squid
Pg. 20:  Rice with dried salt cod and Coconut
Pg. 22:  Chicheme
Pg. 23:  Egg nog (cooked)
Pg. 23:  Egg nog (uncooked)
Pg. 24:  Barley rice drink
Pg. 25:  Pineapple and rice drink
Pg. 26:  Sprouted corn drink
Pg. 27:  "Loja" drink
Pg. 30:  Beef in orange sauce
Pg. 31:  Meat balls in wine sauce
Pg. 32:  Roast pork
Pg. 33:  Liver with orange sauce
Pg. 34:  Dry meat
Pg. 35:  Pickled pork feet
Pg. 36:  Christmas pork roast
Pg. 37:  Chicken with coconut sauce
Pg. 38:  Tripe panamanian style
Pg. 39:  Shredded beef
Pg. 40:  Tongue in wine sauce
Pg. 41:  Meat with tomato sauce
Pg. 42:  Stuffed peppers
Pg. 44:  Russian or party salad
Pg. 45:  Avocado or shrimp salad
Pg. 46:  Yucca (Cassava) salad
Pg. 47:  Avocado mousse
Pg. 48:  Chokoe's pie
Pg. 49:  Ripe plantains pie
Pg. 50:  Yucca (Cassava) Cake
Pg. 51:  Stuffed tomato salad
Pg. 52:  Eggplant pie
Pg. 54:  Egg bread
Pg. 55:  Panamanian tamalaes
Pg. 57:  Tamal cacerole
Pg. 58:  Garden fresh corn tamales
Pg. 59:  Fresh Corn patties (tortillas)
Pg. 60:  Bollos changos
Pg. 61:  Fried bread (hojaldras)
Pg. 62:  Filled yucca (Fritters)
Pg. 63:  "Otoe" fritters
Pg. 64:  "Name" fritters
Pg. 65:  Doughnuts, Panamanian style
Pg. 66:  Pasta and tuna salad
Pg. 68:  Pickled fish
Pg. 69:  Roasted red snapper
Pg. 70:  Shrimp ceviche
Pg. 71:  Shrimp stew
Pg. 72:  Corvina ceviche
Pg. 73:  Corvina with cappers sauce
Pg. 74:  Cooked seafood in sauce
Pg. 75:  Rice and seafood stew
Pg. 76:  Fish with sweetcorn filling
Pg. 77:  Potato and prawn pie
Pg. 80:  Nance custard with coconut and fresh corn
Pg. 81:  Bread pudding
Pg. 82:  Sopa borraca
Pg. 83:  Sopa de gloria
Pg. 84:  Avocado and cheese cake
Pg. 85:  Cashew fruits marmelade
Pg. 86:  Tangerine souffle
Pg. 87:  Nance mousse
Pg. 88:  Mango mousse
Pg. 89:  Bienmesabe
Pg. 90:  Rice pudding with milk and cocoa
Pg. 91:  Coconut and papaya sweets
Pg. 92:  Suripico
Pg. 93:  Coconut squares
Pg. 94:  Otoe pudding
Pg. 95:  Plantain pudding
Pg. 96:  Pumpkin pudding
Pg. 97:  Palm fruit flan
Pg. 98:  "Sighs"
Pg. 99:  Sweetened plantain mounds
Pg. 100:  Alfajores
Pg. 101:  Sweetened pumpkin squash
Pg. 102:  Coconut cookies, panamanian style
Pg. 104:  Chicken soup--stew
Pg. 105:  Panamanian broth
Pg. 106:  Beef foot soup
Pg. 107:  Gallo pinto
Pg. 108:  Plantain soup
Pg. 109:  Meatball soup
Pg. 110:  Seren

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