frypan/frying pan

Benjamin Barrett bjb5 at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Feb 17 04:54:11 UTC 2004

That makes a lot more sense and is probably what Indigo Som meant.

I've always heard cast iron pan, but I'm not sure what the exact semantic
range is since I don't have cast iron myself. I think my mom always used
cast iron pan for anything from a frying pan to a deep chili pan.

Benjamin Barrett

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>>?None of my frying pans are cast iron. Do you say cast iron pan
>>regardless of what it's made of?
>>Benjamin Barrett
>If I can speak for all of us, I don't know of anyone who calls
>something a cast iron pan, or a cast iron skillet, regardless
>what it's made of.  My claim was that I distinguish "cast iron
>skillet" from "frying pan", the latter being made of
>silverstone/teflon no-stick surface, aluminum, or whatever.
>(I have some in each
>category.)  I have heard "cast iron pan", but (even though I'm
>from New York) I use skillet for the cast iron kind, but not
>for the others.
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>>>Am I the only person who says "cast-iron pan"? If necessary I say
>>>"cast-iron frying pan". I never say skillet or frypan.

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