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Yes, that's what I meant: if it's a pan that's cast iron, I call it a
cast iron pan. (With or w/o hyphen is fine w/ me.) If it's a pan made
of something else, I just call it a pan, unless I specifically need
it to be a teflon pan or a non-stick pan, in which case I call it
those things. Although in our house most of the pans are cast iron,
so we usually just say pan even for the cast iron ones. If it's
deeper than about 2  or 2.5" then it becomes a pot to me. A pan is
shallow. There are also bread pans & cake pans, but since I don't use
those very often I don't have to use the words for them very often

As for the other question about seasoning cast iron pans: it's all
true. A well-seasoned pan develops a smooth, black non-stick surface
that is very different from the bumpy, gray, very stick-prone surface
of a new pan. I do use the tiniest possible drop of dishsoap when
washing my cast iron pans, but the key thing is this: immediately
after washing, you put them back on the stove & heat them until all
residual water is evaporated; then you coat them with oil. (This
procedure is known in our house as "the happiness of the pans". More
than you wanted to know.)

>That makes a lot more sense and is probably what Indigo Som meant.
>I've always heard cast iron pan, but I'm not sure what the exact semantic
>range is since I don't have cast iron myself. I think my mom always used
>cast iron pan for anything from a frying pan to a deep chili pan.
>Benjamin Barrett
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>>>?None of my frying pans are cast iron. Do you say cast iron pan
>>>regardless of what it's made of?
>>>Benjamin Barrett
>>If I can speak for all of us, I don't know of anyone who calls
>>something a cast iron pan, or a cast iron skillet, regardless
>>what it's made of.  My claim was that I distinguish "cast iron
>>skillet" from "frying pan", the latter being made of
>>silverstone/teflon no-stick surface, aluminum, or whatever.
>>(I have some in each
>>category.)  I have heard "cast iron pan", but (even though I'm
>>from New York) I use skillet for the cast iron kind, but not
>>for the others.
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>>>>Am I the only person who says "cast-iron pan"? If necessary I say
>>>>"cast-iron frying pan". I never say skillet or frypan.

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