Body Bar; Manguini; Panama Cuisine Postcards

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Sat Feb 21 23:05:13 UTC 2004

   Everything--including the Panama national library and most museums--is closed for Carnival (or Carnaval).  Sorry--no historical food research.
   Even the Canal Museum (intended for tourists) is closed on this holiday (promoted for tourists).


   Food postcards are being seen increasingly, from Paris to Ghana.  Formerly, it was just animals or women on tourist postcards.  The postcards are usually one dish each, with a sumptuous picture and a full recipe on the other side.
   E-mail me fast if anyone wants any postcards.  These 13 were sold at the Marriott Hotel (disa at

Ropa vieja--Shredded beef
Arroz con pollo--Rice with chicken
Tortillas de maiz nuevo (changa)--Fresh corn patties
Tasajo--Dry meat
Gallo pinto
Flan de pixbae--Palm fruit flan
Sancocho de gallina--Chicken soup-stew
Tamales panamenos--Panamanian tamales
Lechon asado
Tamal de olla--Tamal cacerole
Mamallena--Bread pudding


   This drink is featured today in the local newspaper.  It's mango, champagne, and Casal de Gordis.  Not many Google hits yet, but there is one from the Food Network.  The name appears to be a blend of "mango" and "martini"...There is also a nice newspaper story on "Raspao"--shaved ice.


   There is no soap in my room.  Instead, there is a "BODY BAR with essence of lemon and eucalyptus."  It's by LORD & MAYFAIR COLLECTION, from the Marietta Corporation in Cortland, NY.
   There are 50,000 Google hits for "body bar."  It must mean something!  "Body bar" is not in the OED.
   Is the "body bar" a soap or a high energy snack?  As the old Chevy Chase Saturday Night Live skit goes, is it a floor wax or a dessert topping?
   There's also "hydrating lotion" (7,500 Google hits, also not in the OED).  That contains "apricot kernel oil."
   Bronx parking ticket judges usually don't smell of lemon, apricot, and eucalyptus.

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