Local Yokels (1914)

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   Greetings again from Panama City.  I leave the "foreign yokels" for the "local yokels" of New York City later today.
   A NEW YORK POST movie review of the new Ray Romano-Gene Hackman film WELCOME TO MOOSEPORT mentioned "local yokels."  I didn't see that in the OED.
   HDAS?  DARE?  Jonathon Green?

Sheboygan Press - 7/21/1930
...I never send home souvenirs The banners LOCAL YOKELS sell At Drop Inn and The cards.....credited to this paper and also the LOCAL news published herein. tjhehnvean Press.....gasoline taxes, but with a fair return to LOCAL units. On the question of monopoly In..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Monday, July 21, 1930  774 k

Nevada State Journal - 3/15/1932
...to New York the other evening to entice the LOCAL YOKELS (reporters) into giving him some.....the world and settled In Reno to write a book of his travels, says he was deported..
Reno, Nevada   Tuesday, March 15, 1932  723 k

Nevada State Journal - 3/24/1932
...the counterfeiters who has been swindling LOCAL YOKELS by posing as our assistant. His.....Audubon Societies and wishes the LOCAL >jroup of nature-lovers the best wishes.....of wild life in this ttate and the LOCAL club can do it. The Audubon Society's..
Reno, Nevada   Thursday, March 24, 1932  664 k

Nevada State Journal - 2/25/1932
...end of six months they owe somebody That LOCAL YOKELS no longer say to a gal, "Glad to.....has been no loss of life reported. The LOCAL highway crew did the best they could.....but thanks to the efficient work of the LOCAL crew in pulling them out, no serious..
Reno, Nevada   Thursday, February 25, 1932  744 k

Nevada State Journal - 2/18/1932
...neither of them are Overheard One of the LOCAL YOKELS bothered Miss Ouinan last night..
Reno, Nevada   Thursday, February 18, 1932  689 k

Washington Post - 7/19/1914
...in the history of sport, and this for the LOCAL YOKELS to fight for, and It la by no.....in that business to-day, and otie whaling a book which will appeal to all who at the same.....throw the hook at me catalina ulaml. The LOCAL photographer, that it penetrated the.....are re corded by Mr, Bullen In his book ths forty sailor-men's chanties which he..
Washington, District Of Columbia   Sunday, July 19, 1914  716 k

Zanesville Signal - 9/2/1928
...Tsion" of the event get down to some LOCAL YOKEL. Jthen I .we cases: have been.....line, that "Young Love" gathered to await a LOCAL that was several hours overdue. By.....knew that he hacl been "stood up" and for a LOCAL All looked curiously out of eyecorners.....who're you talking to? You know I ain't no LOCAL. I know as much as you do about what..
Zanesville, Ohio   Sunday, September 02, 1928  2418 k

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