Fwd: Order of authors' names

Lesa Dill lesa.dill at WKU.EDU
Thu Feb 26 13:40:54 UTC 2004

I've been checking around in biology, and instead of having the Principal
Investigator listed last as my major professor in biology taught me and as I
reported before, most journals in that field allow any order to be used also.
In some cases, I don't think every person in the author list  even has
participated in the writing process.  Some merely have submitted research
input.  Times they be a-changin?

"Arnold M. Zwicky" wrote:

> from the estimable editor anne mark of mit press, about:
> > ...the order of authors’ names in LI. For a while we indeed had a
> > policy that names should be in alphabetical order. However, a few
> > years ago we changed the policy and now authors can list their names
> > in whatever order they prefer. We’ll incorporate the change the next
> > time we update the style sheet.
> so now, it seems, *nobody* has an actually stated policy.
> arnold (zwicky at csli.stanford.edu)

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