encoded messages in the ADS-L Digest

Anne Gilbert kebara at COMCAST.NET
Sat Jan 3 06:22:22 UTC 2004


I got this exact same gibberish.   Of course I knew it was code, but I
couldn't decipher it.  Or "uncode" it.
Anne G

> Am I the only person for whom Gerald Cohen's posts show up as
> indecipherable blocks of alphanumeric code? E.g.:
>         [...]
>         [from Digest for 31 Dec 2003 to 1 Jan 2004 (#2004-2)]
> If so, there may be some setting I can apply to my mailreader. But I
> greatly fear that that is not the case, since these blocks show up
> embedded in Digests of otherwise clear text.
> -- Mark A. Mandel
>    Linguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania

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