encoded messages in the ADS-L Digest

Michael Vezie mlv at POBOX.COM
Sat Jan 3 12:59:13 UTC 2004

>Am I the only person for whom Gerald Cohen's posts show up as
>indecipherable blocks of alphanumeric code? E.g.:

Maybe a better case is, how many see the alphanumeric code who
get individual messages, and how many get it in digests.  Personally,
I read the digest format, and do get the codes.  I would suspect it to
be more common for people who read the digest format.

Assuming that's true, I'm wondering if this may be a problem with
the listserver.  If it gets messages with different encoding schemes,
shouldn't it decode them and (if necessary) re-encode them with
some coding scheme that will work for all messages, when it sends out
the digests?


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