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    Thanks for the additional information on the "Cosmopolitan."  There's
been no reply from COSMOPOLITAN magazine to a query about the first use in that
magazine's pages.
    I've tried the online SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE and CHICAGO TRIBUNE and
BOSTON GLOBE.  No article seems to be before late 1996 or 1997.

by Paul Harrington and Laura Moorhead
New York:  Viking (Penguin  Putnam Inc.)
Pg. 76:  Cosmopolitan
   Only a few years back, this drink was called the "stealth Martini," first
by Barnaby Conrad III, author of _The Martini_, and then by its followers.
Whether the name came from the Cosmo's covert kick or from its popularity among
those unimpressed by the classic Martini is of little consequence now.  We're
just glad the cocktail crowd hasn't deemed it passe.
   Some bartenders snub the Cosmopolitaqn, comparing it to those drinks on
the short list of classic cocktails.  We'll admit it lacks complexity, but few
can deny this drink's appeal--nor its reliability, especially in establishments
staffed by slipshod mixers.  In fact, whenever unsure of a bar's integrity,
we start the evening with a request for Cosmopolitan, descendant of the Cold
War's Cape Cod and respectable sibling of the Kamikaze shooter.  Made with 1 1/2
ounces of VODKA, 3/4 ounces of COINTREAU, 1/2 ounce of lime juice, and a
splash of cranberry juice, the only way a mizer can sabotage this cocktail is to
substitute fake fruit for fresh.
   No one seems to have bothered noting who mixed the first Cosmo, though
many drink historians and bartenders agree that the gay community in
Provincetown, Massachusetts, should be credited with the accomplishment.  The moniker
Cheryl Cook will occasionally surface, but it leads only to San Francisco, never
to an actual person.  Many bartenders--such as John Caine, owner of Cafe Mars
in San Francisco and undisputed West Coast champion of this drink--partly
credit the Cosmopolitan with the resurgence of the cocktail during the '70s, when
FERN BARS, with their overly sweet so-called GIRL DRINKS, nearly destroyed the
respectability of the bar.  After all, "bounce berries"--as they're called on
the East Coast--are tart treats more commonly associated with Thanksgiving
than with cocktails, so adding their juice to a cocktail constituted a serious
break with tradition back then.
   The popularity of the Cosmopolitan quickly traveled from New England to
New York and then across the country.  Characters like MacGyver drink it, and
Hunter S. Thompson--the self-proclaimed "mad doctor of gonze
journalism"--managed to get it cited in an affidavit used in _The People of the State of Colorado
v. Hunter Stockton Thompson_.  Whenever desperate for a cocktail at some
endearing singles bar, we're thankful for the Cosmopolitan.

Pg. 77:
1 1/2 ounces vodka
3/4 ounce Cointreau
1/2 ounce lime juice
1 splash cranberry juice
   Shake with cracked ice; strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with
a lime wheel.


   Bounce berries=Cranberries
   John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK (1999), pg. 105
(cranberry):  "Others referred to them as 'bounce berries,' because of their
bouncy quality."
   "Bounce berry" is not in OED, HDAS, CDS, DARE.

BOUNCEBERRIES--112 Google hits
BOUNCEBERRY--109 Google hits
BOUNCE BERRIES--84 Google hits
BOUNCING BERRY--34 Google hits
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New Oxford Item - 12/3/1959
...Machines grade cranBERRIES by their BOUNCE BERRIES with plenty of BOUNCE
are firm and..
New Oxford, Pennsylvania Thursday, December 03, 1959  578 k

Nashua Telegraph - 11/8/1948
...University 4. A cemetery. 5. By its BOUNCE (BERRIES thati do not BOUNCE
arc rejected fort..
Nashua, New Hampshire   Monday, November 08, 1948  732 k

Soda Springs Sun - 11/22/1951
...that festive holiday note to any luncheon. BOUNCING BERRIES Not enough for
all getting more and more of these gay red BERRIES, fresh,
preserved jellied and juiced.....ladies. Enclosed in and smothered with cran
BERRIES, your salad will add.....they're good whole and fresh. When the BERRIES are
first harvested, and separated..
Soda Springs, Idaho Thursday, November 22, 1951  762 k

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   "Fern bar" is not in the OED.

FERN BAR--4,210 Google hits
FERN BARS--655 Google hits

Fern Bars The quintessential singles bars, fern bars date back to 1969, when
Norman Hobday moved to San Francisco, reinvented himself as Henry Africa, and
opened the first official fern-filled bar. Fern bars capitalized on the Age of
Aquarius and thrived through the early '80s, until Hard Rock Cafes lured away
their trendy clientele. While other, more traditional bars were still serving
Sidecars and Manhattans, fern bars were pushing girl drinks that could hold
their own in the company of LSD. Decorated with electric trains, mounted
wildebeests, overstuffed couches, and Tiffany-style lamps, fern bars picked up where
Trader Vic left off and can be held accountable for the "disco cocktails" of
the '70s. Before permanently closing Henry Africa's doors after 17 years of
business, the bar's manager, Jed Coffin, reportedly said, "The fern bar is a
formula now ... like Denny's or McDonald's. Years ago, though, it was a new

Fond Du Lac Commonwealth Reporter - 11/15/1966
...Matonrv (1) 2295; Luxerln Dairy (4) J275, FERN BAR (0) 2377; Oscar's
Quintet (2ft) 2374.....Market (0) 1908, A to Z Vending < DeNell'j BAR (1) 2799.
KARL-RA7 WOMEN Klaelsch Sport.....Goods (1) 2250, Bernward BAR (3) 2323; FDL
Reporter (4) 2502, Van's.....0) 3750; Fred'1 Tavern 284J, Obsgy Gobsgy's BAR (2)
784; Serenz Food (0) 2799, Firestone..
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Tuesday, November 15, 1966  627 k

Chronicle Telegram - 3/24/1985
...It might happen. With all the new Yuppie FERN BARS, somebody will probably
get a..
Elyria, Ohio Sunday, March 24, 1985  536 k

Chronicle Telegram - 10/11/1984
...We're counting on you to stop the spread of FERN BARS. Sending reporter to
bar a very sa..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, October 11, 1984  474 k

Chronicle Telegram - 10/18/1984
...he spent too much time hanging around those FERN BARS. Crime-tip program
success ain't no..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, October 18, 1984  527 k

Chronicle Telegram - 3/17/1985
...the Yuppies will be humming it in all the FERN BARS, on the jogging paths
and in the same gym. Since we both love sushi BARS, when I got my
new credit card I asked..
Elyria, Ohio Sunday, March 17, 1985  449 k

Chronicle Telegram - 2/18/1985
...Padre has some of the trappings of a chic FERN BAR, including greenery and
Elyria, Ohio Monday, February 18, 1985  473 k

Chronicle Telegram - 7/28/1985
...personality of a waiter in a California FERN BAR. A machine that chirps,
"Thank you.....few sportsmen were idling at the end of the BAR and excitedly
talking about the two guys.....bleachers, and their wives came around the BAR on
Fridays and screamed at them for.....May 1980, and a friend and I were in a
big BAR and restaurant. It was Derby Day, so..
Elyria, Ohio Sunday, July 28, 1985  479 k

Mountain Democrat - 7/11/1984
...before it closed and was remodeled into FERN BAR, early theater organs,
"the largest..
Placerville, California Wednesday, July 11, 1984  656 k

Chronicle Telegram - 7/11/1985
...30 pounds or remained at the level of FERN BAR repartee) and when former..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, July 11, 1985  314 k

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