Antedating of "Tooth Fairy"

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Sun Jan 4 00:19:21 UTC 2004

 >Anne G writes:
>Well, by the time my daughter was of the proper age to start losing her
>teeth amd learn about the Tooth Fairy, the price of a tooth had risen. And
>maybe the molars was just a Pacific NW thing.  I don't know.  I never asked
In my day (before WWII) it was a nickel for incisors and a dime for molars.
Can't remember where the canines & bicuspids fell.  There wasn't a "Tooth
Fairy" in our household; the pulled tooth was left in a glass of water
overnight & would be transformed into the appropriate coin by morning.
Re: the UUencoded posts.  They seem to arrive here as individual mails
ready-decoded. I have Eudora on an old Mac quadra.
Re: ยข signs -- do they arrive as such on all machines?
A. Murie

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