Experts List for Interviews

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Wed Jan 7 18:21:49 UTC 2004

At 9:07 AM -0500 1/7/04, Grant Barrett wrote:
>Folks, the requests for interviews with media related to the ADS Words
>of the Year vote are beginning to appear. Like last year, I am putting
>together an "experts" list that I can give out to media requesting
>interviews via the ADS web site. I send the list, they decide who to
>If you are interested in being on that list,... <snip>

   Be sure to put Barry Popik down for "spider hole." Also, why not
broaden the scope of your information to include experts on a variety
of topics which produce FAQs? The ads-l expert-list could then be
publicized as *the* place for journalists to turn to if they want
information on a given lexical/dialectal/etc. topic? Specialists from
other linguistic groups (e.g. DSNA) could also be invited to be
listed with us. This would be a major service to journalists writing
on language and would provide ads-l with good publicity.

   Just a suggestion, which may turn out to be too time-consuming to
be practical. Meanwhile, thanks for the work you've been doing.


P.S. Barry will be back in the U.S. about Jan. 24.

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