Antedating of "Jewish American Princess"

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Sat Jan 17 23:13:22 UTC 2004

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 <<In 1941 and 42 when I attended Brooklyn College there was an informal
sorority of Jewish girls, called Iota Alpha Pi. The initials were the
closest they could get in Greek letters to  to J.A.P. for Jewish American
Princess. I had two cousins who were members and, as far as I can remember,
the usage was not particularly new, at least among those who were of that

Using Google I found this:

According to Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities at pp. 807-08
(19th Ed. 1977), Iota Alpha Pi was the oldest national college sorority
founded by Jewish women.  It was founded at Hunter(then Normal) College in
New York in March, 1903.

So, should we conclude that JAP was in use in 1903?


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