Antedating of "Jewish American Princess"

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Jan 18 04:10:57 UTC 2004

>So, should we conclude that JAP was in use in 1903?

I wouldn't go concluding things too quickly. Not entirely impossible but
not likely at my glance. Presumably there is a national IAPi headquarters
where the actual name-origin is recorded?

"Jewish American princess" has -- to my nose -- the smell of a backronym
... although I wouldn't really _conclude_ this either, without any evidence
at all.

I imagine some comedian, for example, probably a Jewish [or pretend-Jewish]
one, saying something like "You see, I married a Jap ... [pause for
audience reaction which would depend on the date] ... that is, a Jewish
American princess ...." This could be any time after about 1940, or maybe
even earlier. Do others see such a picture when they hear this "JAP"? Maybe
somebody remembers such a shtick in reality?

-- Doug Wilson

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