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   When did the Super Bowl generate so much interest in American food?
   Every story I see is about regional food (Carolina slaw, New England clam chowder) or munchies (chips).  The Food Network has gone nuts.  They're have a six-hour "tailgating special."  Tell me if they interview Bruce Kraig about the "hot dog."  Just the thing I need after a full week of parking tickets.
   On the Food Network's TYLER'S FAVORITES (He's the guy who alternates between the words "cool" and "wicked"), he tasted various recipes for fried chicken.
   "Is this free range?" Tyler asked.  He was told that it's "pastured poultry."  Not to be confused as "pasteurized poultry."
   "Pastured poultry" has 5,880 Google hits and 178 Google Groups hits (from December 6, 1994).  It is not in the OED.

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Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 029. US 046. G & S: fresh and frozen poultry and meat and products thereof such as franks; cooked fresh or frozen entres; smoked and/or seasoned cuts of poultry or meat; as well as chicken or turkey breasts, thighs or leg quarters, boneless and/or skinless; or retail beef, lamb or pork cuts, fresh or frozen. FIRST USE: 19950929. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19951201
Design Search Code 010501 060104 060905 070102 071109 261101 261125
Serial Number 75228221
Filing Date January 21, 1997
Current Filing Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Owner (APPLICANT) Southern Poultry, Inc. CORPORATION FLORIDA 14435 7th Street Dade City FLORIDA 33525
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Abandonment Date January 23, 1998

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Times Colonist (Victoria)

March 3, 2002 Sunday Final Edition

SECTION: Life; Sunday Dinner; Pg. B9

LENGTH: 733 words

HEADLINE: A movable feast: 'Pastured poultry' pens produce a juicy, rich-tasting chicken

SOURCE: Times Colonist

BYLINE: Eric Akis

A number of Victoria-area chefs have reached this conclusion: Lyle Young knows how to raise fine-tasting chicken.

Cafe Brio, Cassis Bistro and Brassiere l'Ecole are just three of the highly reputed eateries that proudly put Young's Cowichan Bay Farm chicken on their menus. Why they do so varies.

"Some chefs are interested in flavour, some like the fact that they're locally grown, some like the way we humanely treat our animals, others like the combination of things," says Young.

However, Young's reason for raising his chickens the way he does has remained consistent.

"Unlike (some) commercial producers, we don't ask ourselves how fast we can get our chicken to market, we ask what is the best animal we can produce," says Young.

The best way to do that with chickens, he's learned, is literally to put them out to pasture.

"Eight years ago we were kind of fed up with the commercial methods (for raising chickens) we were trying and almost packed it in," he says.

"But when I met Joel Salatin and learned about his system, it was like someone had flicked on a light switch."

Salatin, an innovative farmer from Virginia, introduced Young to a system called "pastured poultry." It involves raising chicken in roomy, movable pens. Each day the pens are moved and placed on new pasture. The pens protect the chickens from predators while keeping them in small groups to give them lots of room to move around and be socially active. The fresh grass under their feet gives them a clean environment to live on and a partial food source.

"The rest of their diet comes from a non-medicated, low-protein, all-veggie feed," says Young, adding that he also intentionally grows his birds much slower than large-scale producers to improve the flavour of his birds.

His method produces a juicy, rich-tasting chicken that shrinks very little as it cooks. Young also believes his birds, because of their diet and lifestyle, are also lower in cholesterol than their mass-produced brethren. He plans to have texts done this year to prove this point.

With these qualities, it's not surprising chefs want to feature Young's chicken on their menus. And their desire for specific cuts spawned another cottage, or should I say sausage, industry for Young.


   More "shit," from OCLC WORLDCAT...What else could follow my first item?

Title: Wul-whal
Author(s): Squidfish, Nudge.
Publication: [United States :; N.S. Records?],
Year: 1999, 1987
Description: 1 sound disc :; digital ;; 4 3/4 in.
Language: English
Music Type: Rock music
Contents: Stars -- Holes -- Army logic -- Shit happens -- 5 golden coins -- The living fate -- The color of hope -- Harmonic convergence -- Carlos eats a big mac.

Corp Author(s): Visual Discrimination (Musical group)  (Performer - prf)
Publication: Cypress, Calif. :; Nemesis,
Year: 1988
Description: 1 sound disc :; analog, 33 1/3 rpm, stereo. ;; 12 in.
Language: English
Music Type: Rock music
Standard No: Publisher: 001; Nemesis
Contents: Theft of the age -- Officials lives -- We got the edge -- Those drugs -- Heavy metal intro -- V.D. -- Paid to be pricks -- Future state -- Take heed -- Shit happens -- Peer pressure -- Static -- Higher standards -- Resist -- Badge happy cop -- P.T.P.F. -- Liars -- Unexisting.

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