"Once (Caught/Bit/Bitten/Burned/Stung), Twice Shy"

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   "Once caught, twice shy" was an "old proverb" in 1850.

Bierce, Ambrose (1842-1914?): The Fiend's Delight (1873) 1 match in 1 of 195 pages
t to dine. / II.: "Once bit, twice shy," is a homely saying, but singularly true. A man who has been swindled will be very cautio

Title: Blue Jackets, or, The Adventures of J. Thompson, A.B., Among "The Heathen Chinee" (1871, 1870)
Author: Greey, Edward, (1835-1888)
Print Source: Blue jackets, or, The adventures of J. Thompson, A.B., among "The heathen Chinee"
Greey, Edward,
Boston, Mass. : J.E. Tilton, 1871, 1870.
Extent: viii, 236 p.
Pg. 73:  However, once bit twice shy, and the now enlightened sailor concluded to leave Tim's relations alone.

Edwards, Henry, (1824-1891): The Poor of New York (1865) 1 match in 1 of 45 pages
my house tomorrow, and bring the receipt with you." / "Not quite, my good fellow. Once caught, twice shy; besides, you owe me a visit; so suppose you come to my house this evening at 191/2,

The Tomb of Lady Blessington, by Mrs. Romer: pp. 126-128
p. 128 1 match of 'twice shy'

  in: Title: The International magazine of literature, art, and science. / Volume 1, Issue 4
Publisher: Stringer & Townsend Publication Date: July 22, 1850
City: New York  Pages: 0612 page images in vol.
Pg. 128:
   "ONCE CAUGHT, TWICE SHY"--...I gradually removed everything from the room that he could possibly eat, but still the old proverb of "Once caught, twice shy," so far applied that he would not enter my trap.

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