1st gentleman

Dennis R. Preston preston at MSU.EDU
Mon Jul 12 15:16:22 UTC 2004


Not so. michigan.gov recognizes Daniel Granholm Mulhern as "First
Gentleman," even in his web address:


>At 4:32 AM -0700 7/12/04, Margaret Lee wrote:
>>I'm a member of a large church with eight associate
>>pastors/ministers (four of whom are women), but there's only one
>>first lady--the wife of the pastor.
>What happens when the pastor is a woman, and married?  Is there a
>label for her husband?  (I know the same question would arise for the
>husband of a (female) president or governor, and I think the answer
>is that there's no such label, because there's no role of "first
>gentleman" or whatever, but I just wanted to confirm this intuition.)

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