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Wed Jul 14 11:42:01 UTC 2004

From:    James A. Landau

(Or at least i think i got the attribution right--OEQuoteFix doesn't like
the latest list digest, for some reason.)

: What happens when the pastor is a woman, and married?  Is there a
: label for her husband?  (I know the same question would arise for the
: husband of a (female) president or governor, and I think the answer
: is that there's no such label, because there's no role of "first
: gentleman" or whatever, but I just wanted to confirm this intuition.)

Just noting that counterexamples to the claim that "there's no role of
'first gentleman' or whatever" have been recently posted--the husbands of
the female governors of Michigan and Utah are both referred to, officially,
as their states' first gentlemen.

Betty Crocker's (1956) _Guide to entertaining_ notwithstanding, married men
*can* host social functions these days.


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