Fall of Turnip Truck (1976); Gnat's Eyebrow (1917); Hide, Hair and All (1886)

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TURNIP TRUCK--6,810 Google hits, 11,500 Google Groups hits

   Quite popular, and of recent vintage it appears.

This is now a very common phrase, as a search of Deja News
will show.  But Merriam-Webster reports that it has no citations of
the whole phrase earlier than 1988, and no citations of "turnip
truck" earlier than 1985.  R. J. Valentine writes:  "This phrase
has been used for many years by Johnny Carson, who hosted The
Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on NBC from the early 1960s to
the early 1990s.  He used it in precisely in the context discussed.
He may not have originated it, but he certainly popularized it, and
began doing so long before 1985."

Color Country Spectrum - 8/24/1976
...Like Jimmy Carter didn't just tali off the TURNIP TRUCK you know. It takes gumnti'in for..
Hurricane, Utah   Tuesday, August 24, 1976  583 k

   The TV Column; Tonight's Highlights Carter News Conference. Specials Series Prime-Time Movie Late Sports Late Night The Thrill of Defeat The Agoney of Victory
By John Carmody. The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: Apr 22, 1977. p. B10 (1 page):
   Despite the show's dismal ratings, Wussler insisted they all had enjoyed a "marvelous relationship"...or was that a turnip truck that just went by?

   The TV Column
By John Carmody. The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: May 4, 1978. p. B15 (1 page):

   The TV Column
>By John Carmody. The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: May 22, 1978. p. B7 (1 page)

---------------------------------------------------------------GNAT'S EYEBROW

GNAT'S EYEBROW--203 Google hits, 99 Google Groups hits

   Really small.

Edwardsville Intelligencer - 1/20/1927
...an insurance meeting. to the fineness of a GNAT'S EYEBROW, showing costs of all kinds..
Edwardsville, Illinois   Thursday, January 20, 1927  621 k

Decatur Evening Herald - 9/28/1927
...have the oo-ordlnates of the chateau to a GNAT'S EYEBROW because they can put their..
Decatur, Illinois   Wednesday, September 28, 1927  614 k

Zanesville Signal - 7/9/1929
...of Canton. depleted the role of Kazan to a (GNAT'S EYEBROW. After all was 'said and the..
Zanesville, Ohio   Tuesday, July 09, 1929  1164 k

   SCIENCE APPLIED TO HOG RAISING.; INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL BOYS DOING GOOD WORK; Agricultural Class at Delphi Make a Good Showing--Exhibit Held in the Street Attracts Hundreds of People--Pig Club Managed by a Board of Directors.
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current. May 13, 1917. p. III20 (1 page):
   An exhibit was held at Delphi that demonstrated beyond the width of a gnat's eyebrow that "pigs is pigs."


MADE IN THE SHADE--18,400 Google hits, 2,880 Google Groups hits

   I remember it from about 1969.

   He Prefers to Be Known As Comedian-Entertainer
By Lawrence Laurent. The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Oct 24, 1953. p. 27 (1 page):
   If that term "pitchman" is confusing, a word of explanation.  The term is borrowed from the carnival world and is used to designate the gent in the straw hat who goes into a spiel like this:
   "Hurry, Hurry. Hurry.  It's made in the shade...stirred with a spade...and the best lemonade that was ever made.  It will freeze your teeth, curl your hair, make you think you're a millionaire.  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry."

Display Ad 16 -- No Title
New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Dec 14, 1969. p. 17 (1 page):
   Any way, you've got it made in the shades.

   Display Ad 12 -- No Title
Wall Street Journal (1889-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Apr 17, 1973. p. 3 (1 page):
   "Now, we've got it made in the shade."


HARDY HAR HAR--9.590 Google hits, 10,200 Google Groups hits
HARDEE HAR HAR--710 Google hits, 1,300 Google Groups hits

   I couldn't find this one before the cartoon character, although "har har" is much older.

Valley Independent - 3/16/1968
...in their eyes, "Mother ran a tight HARDY HAR HAR. My husband would have a fit because..
Monessen, Pennsylvania   Saturday, March 16, 1968  690 k

Coshocton Tribune - 9/8/1968
...to Abilene, Kansas. Ike said HARDY-HAR-HAR and called for a shootin' Western. By..
Coshocton, Ohio   Sunday, September 08, 1968  776 k

To Change the Subject:; Looney Language
By John C. Waugh. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Jul 12, 1962. p. 9 (1 page):
   Thus, we get Millicent the Monstrous Monster, Louie the Loan Shark, Hopalong Wong,the Illegal Eagle, Hardy Har Har Hardhead, the Dreaded Three-Headed Threep, and High Fly Cy the Hi Fi Fly.


   I couldn't find much on this one.

Gazette And Bulletin - 1/7/1950
...way. to My. Let them" So HASTEN with the BASIN, JASON t. fell cktfh drips. Wall Street..
Williamsport, Pennsylvania   Saturday, January 07, 1950

Zanesville Signal - 1/9/1950
...now under way. So HASTEN with the BASIN. JASON let's catch these drips. And..
Zanesville, Ohio   Monday, January 09, 1950  824 k

Ironwood Daily Globe - 4/28/1967
...Please comment. HASTEN ffigh School, lat JASON BRING THE BASIN Dear champ; Every work.....the Victory Memorial Hospital, Dear JASON: Personally, 1 1 }ng wife in the U. S..
Ironwood, Michigan   Friday, April 28, 1967  896 k

Post Crescent - 4/28/1967
...stupidity or what? Please comment. HASTEN JASON Bring The BASIN By Mary Sut Miller Add.....thank you note I would write to Dear JASON: Personally, I Iquently I read in your..
Appleton, Wisconsin   Friday, April 28, 1967  906 k


HIDE, HAIR AND ALL--21 Google hits, 5 Google Groups hits

   Often used as a food phrase for someone who has eaten the whole animal.

Bismarck Tribune - 7/30/1924
...little shovel paws, AND disappeared, HIDE, HAIR AND ALL, right 'down into the ground It.....you can't get it AND have a free ride." "ALL right." said Mikey. "ALL right. Mister.....by thp front door opened AND out came Flop ALL dressed up in nice starched shirt AND rvd.....AND-also the local newe published herein. ALL rights of republication of special..
Bismarck, North Dakota   Wednesday, July 30, 1924  705 k

Council Bluffs Nonpareil - 1/28/1953
...this bounty the balance of the fox. HIDE, HAIR AND ALL is thrown away. "They make good.....AND fabrics. Black, brown AND some colon. ALL prices plus tax. millinery AND bags main.....in checks, plaids AND novelty weaves. ALL were taken from regular stock AND carry.....Monday, will be broadcast AND televised by ALL the major radio-TV networks. The..
Council Bluffs, Iowa   Wednesday, January 28, 1953  468 k

Newark Advocate - 10/26/1914
...Toledo bill immediately thereafter, HIDE, HAIR AND ALL AND without a murmur, AND voted.....blankets iire made of fine selected wool, ALL white, white with colored borders. in ALL.....that gives them the appearance AND feel of ALL wool, AND at the same time makes them.....by the state for maintenance AND repair for ALL time in the future with no expense to the..
Newark, Ohio   Monday, October 26, 1914  700 k

Appleton Post Crescent - 12/16/1921
...like that. Hal had gulped down Spike, hide. HAIR, AND ALL only Spike -had no HAIR. Next.....AND Pride VES, WE'LL SEE THAT SHE GETS IT ALL RIGKT DO YOU WANT, HEu TO ERASE THE PRltE.....Pent up In man or woman, it produces ALL kinds of real, AND imaginary Thwarted.....it open at once AND its contents, while the ALL waited 'round in open mouth wonder. {To..
Appleton, Wisconsin   Friday, December 16, 1921  806 k

Sheboygan Press Telegram - 7/28/1924
...little shovel paws, AND disappeared, HIDE, HAIR AND ALL, right down into the ground It.....you can't get it AND have a free ride." "ALL said Mikey. "ALL right. Mister Smarty.....a grocery HESINOL tor a dear skin AND good HAIR For a skin that is excessively oily, AND.....times the Board of Review will perform ALL the duties required of it AND exercise..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Monday, July 28, 1924  782 k

Stevens Point Daily Journal - 12/7/1936
...mush ALL ready still had the HIDE, HAIR AND ALL. j for useIf you make it yourself, to.....bej HAIR should be dried with warm Graceful AND useful ALL she does, EDITOR'S NOTE: This.....maid iAND spring a Ungredients for red HAIR. Red HAIR. I shampoo solution should be.....half cups to have AND discover that you j ALL the a la this AND a la that, the j r of..
Stevens Point, Wisconsin   Monday, December 07, 1936  973 k

They'll Go Poly Hunting Today at Coliseum; POLY BATTLES LINCOLN Hollywood Meets Franklin; Los Angeles Battles Manual Arts at Coliseum Tomorrow MECHANICS AND LINCOLN CLASH
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Nov 5, 1925. p. B1 (2 pages)
First page:  Van Pelt is out after the Mechanic hide, hair and all, and it will take plenty to stop his squad.

The New in Stores & Homes; Ideas, and Suggestions
OLIVE GRAY. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Aug 5, 1928. p. C28 (1 page):
   Anyhow, the latest of these toyful millinery motifs seem like tiny reproductions of the animals themselves, hide, hair and all.

   1. Letter 8 -- No Title
VIRGINIA.. A Journal of Outdoor Life, Travel, Nature Study, Shooting, Fishing, Yachting (1873-1930). Aug 12, 1886. Vol. VOL. XXVII., Iss. No. 3.; p. 47 (1 page):
   They tore him limb from limb and ate him up, hide, hair and all.

   2. Adventures in Comradeship
By W. LIVINGSTON LARNED. A Journal of Outdoor Life, Travel, Nature Study, Shooting, Fishing, Yachting (1873-1930). Aug 1923. Vol. Vol. XCIII, Iss. No. 8; p. 424 (7 pages)

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