Call me anything, but don't call me late for dinner (1960)

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CALL ME LATE FOR DINNER--785 Google hits, 1,910 Google Groups hits
CALL ME LATE FOR SUPPER--198 Google hits, 263 Google Groups hits

   Don Zimmer said this first?

Sheboygan Press - 5/27/1957
...Vandy Craft Redwood Barbecue Set Don't CALL ME LATE FOR DINNER when it's served on we suggest cool, relaxing ideas FOR sumMEr living FOR your porch, patio, or.....has an adjustable, reclining back ideal FOR sun bathers, or FOR a cat nap in the..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Monday, May 27, 1957  385 k

Wellsboro Gazette - 9/19/2001
...CALL ME a CALL ME a just don't CALL ME LATE FOR DINNER. So absolutely good is.....more inFORmation regarding the DINNER, may CALL ESU's Office of University AdvanceMEnt.....tiME, the whole awful affair is hard FOR ME to understand. Any act of aggression ESU students. FOR ticket inFORmation, CALL 570-422-3033. There will be closed..
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania   Wednesday, September 19, 2001  440 k

News Journal - 1/7/1973
...the ball.' CALL ME anything, but don't CALL ME LATE FOR DINNER. I just don't believe in.....strong opinions Then the riiagazine reached ME, invit ing ME to survey its w.l.r level .nj .ptnti.i, c, R.D. CALL US FOR A FREE HOME COMFORT SURVEY TODAY.....Senior Citizen? A magazine that coMEs to ME every month ran a poll that delighted ME..
Mansfield, Ohio   Sunday, January 07, 1973  1144 k

Nevada State Journal - 2/1/1973
...the ball.' CALL ME anything, but don't CALL ME LATE FOR DINNER. I just don't believe in.....strong opinions Then the magazine reached ME, inviting ME to survey its tabulation. And.....R) WOODY ALLEN "PLAY IT AGAIN SAM" PLEASE CALL THEATRE FOR TITLES AND TIMES OPENS AT.....AT UNDER 12: gT Harrahs Casino Cabaret LATE night showroom Product of AMErican..
Reno, Nevada   Thursday, February 01, 1973  687 k

Mountain Democrat - 6/24/1983
...CALL ME anything you want but don't CALL ME LATE FOR SUPPER.' "So he says, 'How long.....Man FOR a day as Olie Roush is going to put ME in buckskins and cap FOR the parade. Black.....and said, 'I don't kritfw what the hell to CALL ypijL "I replied, 'You.....looks on their he said. "They always ask ME two things one, 'Is the beard FOR and two..
Placerville, California   Friday, June 24, 1983  495 k

HER'S THE PITCH; Chisox's Nellie Real Batting Fox
FRANK FINCH. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Mar 29, 1960. p. C1 (1 page):
   We have had a few letters from fans who object to our occasional references to Norm Larker as Dumbo and Don Zimmer as Popeye, and we would like to straighten out the matter right here and now.
   "It doesn't bother me a bit to be called Dumbo," said Larker.  "I got the nickname not because I'm stupid but because I've got big ears.  Why, some guys still call me Mad Dog, a name I got while I was in the minors."
   "I don't care what you call me," said Zimmer, "just as long as you don't call me late for supper."
  Thank you, Dumbo and Popeye.

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