waiting for another shoe to drop??

David Bowie db.list at PMPKN.NET
Tue May 11 15:32:03 UTC 2004

From:    Barnhart <barnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM>

: Heard this morning on NPR:

: The whole of Washington is waiting for another shoe to drop.

: The generally encountered expression is "waiting for the other shoe to
: drop."  I guess when there is a series of unfortunate events, there
: are many shoes. There could be a millipede living upstairs.

Speaking purely from memory--but pretty recent memory--i've seen at least
one and maybe two people use this in washingtonpost.com's "Live online" news
chats. I'm pretty sure it was used in one of Howard Kutz's recent chats, but
i don't recall if it was Kurtz or someone else who wrote it.

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