Dooring; Tiradito; Japanese Cheap Eats (Takoyaki, Kushikatsu, Omusubi)

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   Another New York City word, for the city that has shown me the door so many times.
   From the NEW YORK POST, 12 May 2004, pg. 9, col. 4:

   When the bodyguard tried to exit the cab on the street side--a traffic violation called "dooring"--his door struck a cyclist who was traveling along Sixth Avenue.

Re: "DOORING" Victim?
... Hey, here is another one you might like to chew on: If a juvenile, (person under
16 yo) commits traffic infractions in New York State such as passing a red ...
rec.bicycles.soc - Jun 18, 1999 by Ken K. - View Thread (18 articles)

Re: Bicycles and Dangerous Drivers
... D. Weiner (Brooklyn, 48th District; Weiner is now a US Representative from New York’s
9 ... 1 for speeding (§1180), 1 for DWI (§1192), and 2 for dooring (§1214 ...
rec.bicycles.misc - Dec 23, 2000 by Zoot Katz - View Thread (83 articles)

massbike April 2001: [massbike] Article from the New York AAA
... Then there are car doors. "Dooring"-opening the door of a parked vehicle into
the path of a bike-killed three cyclists in New York City in 1999. ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages


TIRADITO + FISH--275 Google hits, 4 Google Group hits

   "Tiradito" is not in the OED.
   From the NEW YORK POST, 12 May 2004, "Latest flavors: Latino cuisine--it's a lot more than rice, beans and tacos, you know," pg. 65, col. 5:

   Think of _tiradito_ the Peruvian sashimi lookalike that's a hit at Nobu.
(Col. 6, by chef Michael Cressotti:  _Beard dish:_ "Torched" Kobe beef _tiraditos_ with avocado _salpicon_, _yuzu_ and _ricotto_ chile juice.)

Ceviche Recipes: Sushi Latino-Style
... A type of ceviche called tiradito in Peru, though, is made with thin
slices of fish, not chunks. At Bolivar, the tiradito of sea ... - Sep 1, 1999 by babalorixa at - View Thread (1 article)

NYC Report
... bright ponzu-based sauce. Tiradito is apparently a Peruvian dish.
The first hot dish was Creamy Spicy Crab. Huge, luscious pieces ... - Aug 4, 2003 by Peter Dy - View Thread (46 articles)

By Richard Martin
1,145 words
24 May 1993
Nation's Restaurant News
Copyright Lebhar-Friedman Inc. 1993
Visual aesthetics are integral to the Matsuhisa experience, even in as subtle a presentation as the chef's version of the Peruvian ceviche dish called tiradito, in which fanned-out wafers of translucent halibut or snapper glisten with the cobalt-blue color of the underlying porcelain platter.

New-wave ceviche / Bay Area's Latino chefs create icy seafood starters that sizzle [Corrected 05/02/03]
Janet Fletcher
Chronicle Staff Writer
2,772 words
30 April 2003
The San Francisco Chronicle
Yet another ceviche style is the sashimilike tiradito, introduced to Peru by the Japanese, who arrived in large numbers in the early 1900s to work on sugar and cotton plantations. Dressed with lime juice and served with a soy and ginger dipping sauce spiked with the Peruvian rocoto chile, tiradito is a unique blend of East and West.

Restaurants; Sushi bar? Yes. Japanese? Not really. Inventive food, with constant surprises.
Ruth Reichl. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Oct 7, 1994. p. C24 (1 page) :
Recommended dishes: ...tiradito,...
(Ruth Reichl's review of Nobu, 105 Hudson Street, at Franklin Street, is the NY TIMES' first citation--ed.)


TAKOYAKI--13,000 Google hits, 2,020 Google Group hits
KUSHIKATSU--385 Google hits, 17 Google Group hits
OKONOMIYAKI--25,500 Google hits, 5,240 Google Groups hits
GYOZA--49,000 Google hits, 2,340 Google Groups hits
GYOZA--not in OED

   Japanese restaurants are popping up all around Manhattan.  When I walk from 57th Street to NYU, I pass about 20 of them.
   From today's NEW YORK POST, 12 May 2004, "Land of the rising fun: Indulge in the best Japanese cheap eats," pg. 73:

Col. 1:  Say hello to takoyaki, kushikatsu and omusubi at these cheerful little spots--without a Godzilla-size bill at the end of the meal.

Col. 1:  Japanese street food is the quick draw at _Otafuku_ (236 E. Ninth St, (212) 353-8503), an East Village cubbyhole where creamy-centered takoyaki--stuffed with either a chewy nugget of octopus or molten white cheese--are baked in round molds.  They're dusted with seaweed and drizzled with sweet brown (Col. 2--ed.) sauce and mayo, then heaped with fluttery, smoky bonito flakes for a definitely different snack.
   Omelet lovers will warm to okonomiyaki--eggy, golden grilled pancakes crunchy with cabbage, ginger and meat or seafood.

Col. 2:  ...gyoza (fried dumplings)..."Shabu-shabu"...

Col. 4:  ...omsubi... (At Oms/b.  See ADS-L archives--ed.)

Col. 5:  Mix and match home-style Japanese bites such as kushikatsu (crisply breaded, skewered pork), shrimp shumai dumplings, and maybe something tempura or sushi, and you'll probably get change back from your $10.

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