Chirashi, Oshinko, Oshitashi/Ohitashi; Gin Rummy (1940)

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OSHINKO--4,000 Google hits, 328 Google Groups hits
OSHITASHI--457 Google hits, 39 Google Groups hits
OHITASHI--752 Google hits, 52 Google Groups hits
CHIRASHI--13,400 Google hits, 1,979 Google Groups hits
   OED editors have never eaten Japanese?  OED is revising the letter "O," so 
we'll soon see how many of these make it.  
   The ProQuest LOS ANGELES TIMES digitization is now through the end of 
December 1963.  I was surprised that the year 1963 has really provided almost 
nothing.  I did a search for "Japanese" and "sushi" and nothing's there!  
Nevertheless, I still expect my "California Roll" soon.
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Wyle Coyote <> wrote in
> What's the difference between the two?
> I've had Sashimi only with a bowl of rice on the side.
> What is Chirashi?
Sashimi is just pieces of fish artfully arranged with no rice.  As 
Iunderstand there shouldn't be any rice on the table when sashimi is served.Sashimi is 
also prime cuts that are as close to perfect as possible.  Justabout the most 
expensive thing on the menu.
Chirashi is a bowl of rice with fish pieces arranged on top.  Usually usingup 
the small pieces of fish that can't be used for either sashimi or sushi.If 
you are a frequent visitor the chef will make your chirashi much moreinteresting 
than a first time visitor.  Chirashi is also a slight test ofyour skill with 
chop sticks as wrapping a smallish piece of fish around therice using sticks 
is somewhat of a challenge.
May I recommend the lunch Chirashi at Mai restaurant in Charlotte, NC.  
Tendollars and excellent.
Tokyo Food Page Japanese Recipes -- Oshinko
Tokyo Food Page - Oshinko (pickled Chinese cabbage). Source: Ken Iisaka
Preparation time: 3 days. Ingredients: 1 head Chinese cabbage; ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages
OHITASHI PAGE. Ohitashi. Ohitashi is a style of cooking in which vegetables 
dropped into boiling water, cooked until just tender, and quickly removed. 
... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages 

Ohitashi (Japanese Spinach "Salad")
Ohitashi is served as a first course at many Japanese restaurants. I find
that it makes a good dish to serve with sushi or teriyaki meats. ... - Jun 9, 1996 by Andrew M. Skier - View Thread (1 article)
Oshitashi submitted by dave at from Yardley, PA Oshitashi
is spinach. Americans are used to mushy, overcooked, frozen ... - Dec 17, 2000 by International Recipes OnLine - View Thread 
(1 article)
Re: Is "nori" a weed?
... know dandelions can be made to wine, though I didn't like it; young 
leaves can be
eaten as salad or boiled to use as "ohitashi" (Californians call it Oshitashi 
sci.lang.japan - Aug 12, 1994 by Satoru Miyazaki - View Thread (22 articles)
[Origin uncertain.]     Any of a group of card games, similar to coon-can, 
the main object of which is to acquire runs or flushes of three or more cards. 
Also attrib. See also gin rummy s.v. GIN n.2 2b, OKLAHOMA. 
  1910 Sun (N.Y.) 10 Sept. II. 3/1 The leader this season seems to be a new 
round game that is called rum. Some persons have it rhum, rhummy and even 
rhumston. 1913 Official Gaz. (U.S. Patent Office) 13 May 536/2 Milton Bradley 
Company, Springfield, Mass. Filed Mar. 20, 1913. Rumme. 1915 Chicago Herald 30 Nov. 
15/4 This gave him the idea the game was rummy and he spread the nines on the 
table. 1919 S. LEWIS Free Air xix. 202 He takes some kind of dope, and he 
cheats at rummy. 1928 L. NORTH Parasites 285 Sometimes they played écarté..or 
Rummy. 1934 W. SAROYAN Daring Young Man 213, I would sneak out of the bookie 
joint and run across the street to a rummy parlour and get into a game. 1964 A. W
YKES Gambling vii. 164 Games of the rummy series appear to be the oldest. 1974 
Harrods Gift Catal. 60/1 Packs of cards to play Bingo, Crosswords, Rummy and a 
variety of games.
   I've been thinking lately about "rummy," and "gin rummy/"  More on "rummy" 

  gin rummy orig. U.S., ‘a form of rummy in which a player who has cards that 
count no more than ten may “knock” in an effort to win the number of points 
by which his opponent's unmatched cards exceed his own’ (D.A.)

 1941 W. S. MAUGHAM in Writer's Notebook (1949) 317 After a good dinner..she 
suggests a game of *gin-rummy. 1942 O. NASH Good Intentions 49, I love you 
more than gin rummy is a bore. 1965 M. SPARK Mandelbaum Gate vii. 253 She found 
her playing gin rummy with Ruth Gardnor.

Helena Independent - 11/25/1940     
...His Friends ARRISON in OLLYWOOD Here's GIN RUMMY, The Pastime Which 
Current.....Movietawn are playing a. game called GIN RUMMY. After considerable 
Helena, Montana Monday, November 25, 1940  730 k    
Helena Independent - 12/20/1940     
...sobered kiddies a bill for That GIN-RUMMY game seems to be taking the..
Helena, Montana Friday, December 20, 1940  751 k    

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