good people

Tom Dalzell slangman at PACBELL.NET
Mon May 17 11:56:09 UTC 2004

 My citations include Goldin (1950), Motley (1958), 'High School
Confidential' (1958), HST's 'Hell's Angels' (1966), Braly's 'On the
Yard' (1967), Electric Kool-Aid (1968), Ringlevio (1972), 'Serpico'
(1973), 'After Hours' by Torres (1979), Herbert Huncke, the movies 'True
Romance' (1993) and 'Copland' (1997).

Tom Dalzell

Benjamin Barrett wrote:

>Does the expression "s/he is good people" have wide currency? I would like
>to use it in some new contexts, but have heard it only in Alaska.
>Also, does the plural (they're good people) work with the same meaning? or
>is there another form that is used?
>Benjamin Barrett
>Baking the World a Better Place

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