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Hey all,

What about this one, submitted by Barry Popik in 1996?  Context too
uncertain for a ca. 1911  or 1912 date?

The 1911-12 Manhattan Directory lists a Verra Pizzeria grocer at 146
Mulberry Street, although this is Vera Pizzeria baker in the 1913-14
Directory. Gennaro Lombardi's restaurant at 53 1/2 Spring is not in the
1915-16 Directory, but Antonio Lombardo baker at 55 Spring is there.
Only in the 1920-21 Manhattan Directory did I find a Gennaro
Lombardi restr at 53 1/2 Spring. In the 1922-23 Directory, Grande
Pizzeria Napoletano is listed under G. Lombardi at 53 1/2 Spring. So,
our first western "pizzeria" is probably 1911 at 146 Mulberry Street.

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