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(WWW.NEWSPAPERARCHIVE.COM) "hot dog player")
Walla Walla Union Bulletin - 11/25/1966
...Conference crown. Ken Still HOT DOG PLAYER LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) 'I'm.....Doug Sanders and Gay Brewer Jr. A HOT DOG PLAYER is what some of the..
Walla Walla, Washington   Friday, November 25, 1966  707 k
Pg. 13, col. 7:
_Ken Still_
_Hot Dog_
   LAFAYETTE, La. (AP)--"I'm still doing pretty good for a hot dog player," cracked Ken Still, one of the unknowns of the PGA national tour.

Newport Daily News - 11/18/1952
...it on the next race. Yogi is a HOT DOG PLAYER. This next sprang I have.....The first time I met Yogi was at the DOG track at St. Pete one cold night..
Newport, Rhode Island   Tuesday, November 18, 1952  646 k

(WWW.NEWSPAPERARCHIVE.COM)("hot dog fighters")
Chronicle Telegram - 6/5/1956
...love 'em. The sellers call 'em "HOT DOG" FIGHTERS because their bouts are.....International) Jhe Sports Grill HOT DOG Sellers Love Current Pugs By PAT..
Elyria, Ohio   Tuesday, June 05, 1956  767 k
Pg. 17, col. 1"
_The Sports Grill_
   _Hot Dog Sellers_
   _Love Current Pugs_
   NEW YORK--(INS)--Fight promoters and fight fans may not be very high on the current crop of heavyweights, but the fellows who sell hot dogs love 'em.
   The sellers call 'em "hot dog" fighters because their bouts are often so dull that the customers don't mind taking time out to buy a "hot dog" and drink, serenely confident they won't miss anything worthwhile in the ring.
   The fact that a fellow may be fighting in the main event doesn't necessarily take him out of the "hot dog" class.  Willie (the Clutch) Stribling always rated highly among the sellers and Willie was a main eventer.
   Even a champion like light heavyweight Bob Olin couldn't escape the odium of being called a "hot dog" performer.
   And now that Rocky Marciano has forsaken the ring, the hot dog sellers love all the contenders for his vacated throne.
   One of the veteran concessionaires, who has been selling frankfurters and soft drinks in the lobby of Madison Square Garden since it was built 30 years ago, calls the current crop of heavies the best "hot dog" men he's ever seen.  That means he considers them the worst bunch of fighters the division has known in his time.

Mansfield News Journal - 6/6/1956
...love em. The sellers call 'em "HOT DOG" FIGHTERS because their1 bouts are.....t mind tak-: ing time out to buy a "HOT DOG" and a drink, serenly con..
Mansfield, Ohio   Wednesday, June 06, 1956  625 k

(WWW.NEWSPAPERARCHIVE.COM) ("he's a hot dog")
Lima News - 7/25/1956
...who first nAmed the frAnkfurter A HOT DOG, And it wAs the DOG And drink.....ThAt's becAuse so-Andso is on. HE'S A HOT DOG fighter. Any time HE'S in A..
Lima, Ohio   Wednesday, July 25, 1956  1156 k
Pg. 23, col. 2:
   Getting back to the hot dog, we've been told that it was the late and famous cartoonist _Tad Dorgan_ who first named the frankfurter a hot dog, and it was the dog and drink salesmen at Madison Square Garden who first referred to a dull and tiresome pugilist as a "hot dog fighter."
   This was, say, some 25 years ago...After watching a round or two of a preliminary fight a fan would go out into the lobby to stretch his legs, and have a bottle of beer and hot dog to kill time until the main event started...
   Seems like lots of other fans had the same idea, too.
   "Sure," explains the counter man.  "That's because so-and-so is on.  He's a hot dog fighter.  Any time he's in a fight, the fans come out here and we do a big business...He may be a bum to the customers, but he's a great guy for us and we don't have to watch him either."

Great Bend Daily Tribune - 5/1/1972
...do to try to get you upset. HE'S A HOT DOG And everybody knows HE'S A HOT DOG.....And would meet with him this week. He sAid he hAs written to All the free..
Great Bend, Kansas   Monday, May 01, 1972  747 k

Statesville Daily Record - 12/16/1954
...Antry 50-sHOT guns puff smoke HE'S A HOT DOG K W E E N I WIENIE HE'S A.....representAtive of the FrenchmAn, he went to look At thAt eye cut, he..
Statesville, North Carolina   Thursday, December 16, 1954  709 k

Lima News - 5/1/1972
...do to try to get you upset. HE'S A HOT DOG And everybody knows HE'S A HOT DOG.....Another stArt v After the helluvA job he did todAy." WhAt KrAusse did SundAy..
Lima, Ohio   Monday, May 01, 1972  1008 k

(WWW.NEWSPAPERARCHIVE.COM) ("hot dog" nickname for pitcher?)
Bridgeport Telegram - 9/4/1948
...Memorial field, 'S.trat. ford. Frank (HOT DOG) Kuchta hurled the Raybestos.....took part in the afternoon workout. BOXING BOWLERS EAST LANSING, Mlch; Mlchi..
Bridgeport, Connecticut   Saturday, September 04, 1948  761 k

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