Wondering about "hot dog" = show off.

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Thu May 20 12:36:29 UTC 2004

A man named Dick Friendlich, back in the 1950's and maybe earlier, wrote a
series of sports novels.  (Not quite John R. Tunis, but better than the numerous
potboilers found in that genre.)  If I remember correctly, "hot dog" meaning
"show-off" was a term he liked to use, so he might provide an antedating to
your 1959 citation.

It seems plausible that, since hot dog vendors in the stands make a good deal
of noise ("Get your red hots!!"), that someone who tries to get attention on
the field might be compared to a hot-dog vendor, the metaphor then being
clipped to the sausage itself.

       - James A. Landau

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