Uses of DARE in teaching and research

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Fri May 21 18:33:55 UTC 2004

Are the DARE tapes for Kentucky generally available?  I'm interested
particularly in dialects for the region around Maysville, which I
understand is unique unto itself.  "About a 20-mile circle around this
town," according to one of my informants.  "Outside of that circle, they
speak very differently.  Do no confuse us with them."

Now I KNOW that this is going to set some of you off, but this was a
Kentucky informant, not my fifth-grade teacher.  I am still trying to
imagine that there could be that great a difference for everyone in the
town, particularly since I have spoken to several of them by phone.  A
tape would be a godsend at this point.  Thanks,

Julia Niebuhr Eulenberg <eulenbrg at>

On Thu, 20 May 2004, Terry Irons wrote:

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> Joan,
> As you may recall, I am using the DARE audiotapes recordings for Kentucky as
> the basis for a study of language change in Kentucky English.  The project has
> been funded by a REG (Research Enhancement Grant)through the EPSCOR program
> (state level NSF funding).  I am revisiting (nearly finished--after Smithland
> and Hickman in extreme Western Kentucky) those communities in which DARE
> interviews were conducted in the 1960s.  In contrast with the LAUSACA projects
> (other than LAGS) which provide impressionistic transcription information,
> some of which is excellent, the DARE audiotapes provide a baseline against
> which I am able to analyze change in real time at the acoustic level over the
> past century.
> I have given preliminary presentation of some of the results at NWAVE and
> LAVIS III/SECOL.  By the end of 2005/beginning 2006, I hope to have completed
> a "Phonological Atlas of Kentucky English," drawing upon some of the DARE
> audiotape materials, as well as the current fieldwork.
> Feel free to mention this project in the applications for renewal of NEH/NSF
> support for the completion of DARE.
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> Terry Lynn Irons

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